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Analysys Mason is a global strategy consultancy and research firm specialising in telecoms, media and technology (TMT).

Since 1985, we have advised the main players and helped to shape the TMT market in three main areas: strategy planning, transaction support, and regulation and policy.

We have a diverse range of clients, including mobile and fixed operators, internet players, regulators, financial institutions, cable and satellite companies, content and media players, governments, lawyers, postal industry stakeholders, satellite companies and vendors.

Our 250+ employees worldwide have worked in 110+ countries and with 1000+ clients in the last 5 years.

Project teams

Our consultants are based in 16 offices in 11 countries. This staffing model enables us to combine our local and regional knowledge with global industry insights and expertise, benefiting our clients and employees alike.

Our project teams vary in size. Frequently, they are composed of one Project Director, one Project Manager and between one and three Consultants or Associate Consultants. The small size of these teams offers significant opportunities for senior-level exposure from an early stage, and significant responsibilities.

Examples of projects

We created a framework for Internet policy development for the Dutch government.
We helped Zain, the third-largest mobile operator in Saudi Arabia, to secure a massive refinancing deal.
We helped the BBC to assess its iPlayer's potential impact on the market.

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