At Aon, we provide leading solutions to our clients on a number of different topics, including: Total Rewards, Talent Assessment, Performance and Analytics, Organizational Design, Talent Management, Job Architecture, Strategic Workforce Planning, Mergers and Acquisition Integration, Compensation Surveys, Human Capital Strategy, People Advisory.

A number of our services outlined:

Organizational Design

The rapid growth of the Middle East region requires strategic benchmarking techniques to unlock new insights that reshape regional talent and compensation conversations, and organizations need to structure themselves against similar-sized companies and potential future competitors.

Talent Management

Intense global demand for talent, digital transformation trends and recent workforce policy changes require organizations to revamp traditional approaches towards talent management. Within the Middle East region, organizations in the public and private sectors must retain existing talent, develop competencies within the local workforce and provide non-financial incentives to ensure that they maintain a competitive advantage in this labor market.

Job Architecture

Growth and disruption can trigger a proliferation of new jobs and titles. Before you know it, there are inconsistences in job leveling, pay and titles — all of which warrants a strong job architecture foundation, which can help with career frameworks, pay equity and people analytics.

Mergers and Acquisition Integration

When it comes to organizational change – including M&A deals, a critical success factor is people and managing people change. As leaders in the HC transformation and transactions arena, Aon counsels companies that are undergoing corporate transitions on their human capital assets – helping them assess and structure leadership teams, address organizational and workforce effectiveness and optimize program efficacy and impact.

Our corporate transactions team is comprised of world leaders who have successfully led and managed some of the most significant, successful and complex global transactions.

We offer a full range of services including due diligence, acquisitions and integration, and restructuring, turnarounds and cost-effectiveness strategies. We focus on the critical human capital value drivers that are tied to the business strategy underlying the transaction or restructuring. This entails due diligence support, executing strategy through people, staffing models, organizational structure and detailed role profiling, workforce needs analysis/ modelling, HR set-up, change management and culture transformation.

People Advisory

Aon's people advisory practice is a preferred and trusted advisor, bringing unique data, insights and experience to help our clients navigate change, make better decisions and engage with their people to build a resilient workforce and grow their business. We help clients define and realize their people strategy, including total rewards strategy and optimization, human capital M&A, organization and talent planning, and strategic communication.


At Aon, we support al kinds of surveys that enhance organizational and team performance.

McLagan Surveys
When it comes to benchmarking pay and operational effectiveness in the asset management, banking, insurance, professional services and wealth management industries, McLagan surveys are the go-to resource for HR leaders.

Radford Surveys
Discover why more than 3,000 digital media, life sciences, medical device and technology companies around the world rely on Radford surveys to set pay with confidence across their entire organizations.