Cordence Worldwide

Cordence Worldwide is a major global management consulting partnership made up of independent Member Firms, each of which is a leader in the regions it serves. By maintaining their independence, each Member Firm maintains focused accountability to clients; firsthand knowledge of relevant business and cultural context; the autonomy to do what’s right for each client; and the ability to access the global expertise, resources, and infrastructure of Cordence Worldwide whenever and wherever they’re needed. It’s a uniquely agile consulting model that creates strong, responsive partnerships with clients and produces powerful business solutions all over the world. 

Working with Cordence Worldwide Member Firms is different from working with anyone else. From daily interactions to managing enterprise-level change, all of our work with clients is marked by a profound commitment to our shared values. Our clients benefit from the Cordence model through our:

  • Expertise: The combined global skills of Cordence Worldwide’s Member Firms gives clients access to cutting-edge knowledge that cuts across industries, geographies and business functions.
  • Accountability: Each Member Firm is independently owned and operated, and answers directly to its clients – not a remote board of directors.
  • Diversity: The complementary regional expertise and consulting capabilities of Cordence Worldwide’s Member Firms put a diverse set of cutting-edge skills and knowledge at every clients’ disposal. And our consultants are part of their local cultures and communities. We speak our client's languages, figuratively and literally.

An overview of the member firms of Cordence Worldwide: