Phi Management

Phi Management Group, founded in 2005, is a niche Regional Middle Eastern–European Management Consulting firm that specialises in Leadership Assessment and Development. We tailor hands-on solutions that create a tangible and measurable impact on business performance.

Phi Management Group’s Assessment Centers and Leadership Development Solutions translate the company’s legacy and vision into tangible skills and qualifications. We believe experiential learning through gamification and simulation is an essential component for all leaders, especially since the pace of change within the work environment consistently shortens the "shelf life" of an employee’s competencies. Our executive coaches are there to develop high performance leaders for the organization through their Individual Development Plans, as well as guide candidates to realize their full potential.

Phi Management Group believes the key benchmark of success is the development of credible solutions supported by measurements and metrics and we are committed to making quality critical in order to achieve sustainable, high performance.

Our team comprises human resource specialists, occupational psychologists, executive coaches, management consultants, and experienced trainers who all share a sense of creativity and passion for customer care.