Phi Management | Careers

Phi Management Group is always looking to grow with talented trainers, consultants and facilitators | Trainers who share the same vision of working hand in hand to serve customers with high ethical principles and effective services, and creating techniques and solutions to reach higher services standards.

We welcome applications from all talented suitable candidates regardless of whether we are actively seeking to fill a specific vacancy.

What we look for

The Phi Fit

We look for people who:

  • share and live our values and business ethics
  • display drive, passion, courage and ability to create and to challenge the status-quo
  • are committed to high standards of quality and performance
  • are interested to pursue a high-quality learning experience
  • are open to discover new hobbies, ventures and technologies

The Phi Environment

We offer:

  • Learning and development opportunities
  • Work-life flexibility
  • Opportunities to use and practice skills and knowledge
  • An enriching environment of collaboration and autonomy

The Phi's Selection and Screening process

It involves but is not limited to:

  • CV Screening
  • Competency Based Interview
  • Savile Row® Assessment Solutions
  • Business Simulation/s