Academic Coordinator

Postgraduate degree
Functional areas

Job Highlights

  • To be the main point of contact with faculties, awarding bodies and relevant partners.
  • Assist in screening and selecting Qantara Sports Educational & Training Centre(s) applications.
  • Assist in managing schedules, instructional supplies and equipment for workshops and other study programs.
  • Develop and manage a comprehensive academic and work-based training support program.
  • Prepare and maintain learner records according to policies and administrative regulations.
  • Assist in updating curriculum and teaching-learning methodologies.
  • Assist in the development of training modules and programs.
  • Coordinate with trainers/facilitators and centre coordinators to develop planning, educational resources, and training calendars.
  • Foster a positive work environment with a good team spirit, including the wider support teams, with student/learner experience at the forefront of all efforts (student-centered approach).

Job Description

The Academic Coordinator, will provide timely and efficient support to students/learners, coordinate with faculty, awarding bodies and other stakeholders, relating to academic education courses and work-based training and placements, including curriculum development and assessment; to ensure that Qantara Sports Educational & Training Centre(s) always provides an outstanding learner experience.

Job Responsibilities:

  • To be responsible for creating and maintaining the administration and accurate recording of learner data.
  • Reporting for faculty and awarding bodies statutory returns on learner data, including data collection for the access and participation plan monitoring.
  • Organisation and planning of induction and enrolment of student/learners.
  • To support with the administration of all assessments and verification visits, at the Educational & Training Centre(s).
  • To support in the management and administration of the learner journey from enrolment to graduation.
  • Working with colleagues to run events such as graduation, prize giving, etc.
  • Ensure the preparation of all manuals, materials, forms, etc., in a timely manner for courses.
  • Ensure training rooms, trainers, assessors are programmed and booked in a timely manner.
  • Ensure all paperwork, assignments and payments are process with the awarding bodies in timely manner.
  • Provide support and guidance to trainees.
  • Collaborate with Educational & Training Centre(s) to conduct new learner workshops.
  • Occasional work in unsociable hours will be required.

Job Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in education, counselling, sociology, or closely related field.
  • Previous experience in the educational or HR sector.
  • A current first aid certificate is desirable.

About Qantara Sports

Qantara Sports is a global sports firm with significant expertise in the areas of Sports Education, Sports Consulting, Sports Facility Management, Sports Governance, Sports Policy, Sports Business, Sports Development, Sports Tourism, Sport Diplomacy, Sports Technology and Inclusivity. Qantara Sports uses deep industry expertise and rigorous analysis to deliver and implement successful nationwide projects and help private and public sports organizations achieve practical results with real impact Qantara Sports works with Governments, International & National Federations, Private entities, and Nonprofit Organizations, advising and supporting them to implement strategies that reach their objectives. Qantara can work across different backgrounds, environments and is thoughtful of the local culture. Qantara’s leadership team composition is an added value to the firm. Our understanding of stakeholder relationships, cultural differences, client needs and project objectives, leads us to deliver on budget and on time with exceeding quality, rigor, and ethics. Qantara’s leadership team are highly specialized experts in sports governance, sports education, sports development, inclusivity, sports policy, sports diplomacy and in project management and project implementation in a volatile, cross cultural international environment. Qantara Sports aims to provide social impact and to deliver sustainable projects.

Job information

Firm: Qantara Sports

Location: Ryhad

Education: Postgraduate degree