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We are entrepreneurs in disruptive technology, at Devoteam, we deliver innovative technology consulting for business. Digital Transformakers, we are 7,000+ professionals across EMEA dedicated to ensuring our clients win their digital battle. We improve business performance making their companies truly digital. We advise our clients and build IT infrastructure for digital, making sure people are along for the ride.

Devoteam Middle East, we are the region's leading consulting firm delivering innovative Business & Technology Consulting & Solutions. Our 14 years of existence anchored in technologies that enables our clients business to flourish, accordingly our focus is to help our clients' win the digital battle, adapted to our clients’ business challenges, with a unique consideration to its impact on their systems and structures.

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Job Description
  • Good understanding of basic programming principles, Object Oriendted & XML
  • Good command over the database
  • Knowledge of API (JSON, SOAP, REST, GSON, etc...) & dealing with Postman
  • HTML (HTML5, Responsive Design & Cross-Browser Compatibility)
  • CSS (CSS3, Bootstrap, Flexbox & Grid)
  • Javascript & jQuery
  • TypeScript
  • Angular JS
  • React- Optional
  • Focusing on Web Performance
  • Dealing with Version Control System
  • Soft Skills
  • Understanding of ITIL Framework
  • Advanced capacity for problem-solving.
  • Testing and Debugging
  • Good communication skills
  • Team player

  • Understanding of ITIL Framework.
  • Advanced capacity for problem-solving.
  • Strong experience in testing and Debugging.
  • V.Good communication skills.
  • Team player.
  • B.S degree in Computer Science, or Information Technology

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Firm: Devoteam

Location: Riyadh