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Job Description

A Business Architect is able to analyze, understand, document the information structure, features functionalities, business processes, UI and identify business requirements for integral and smooth flow.

Must have previous experience in governmental financial systems, including budgeting, invoicing, billing, and other related mandatory financial transactions for any governmental organization.

The candidate must have deep experience in business requirements gathering, business architecture, conceptualization, formulating frameworks, and building models.

The candidate should be able to draw process architecture and optimize the integral flow between the processes. The candidate must have experience in UX projects.

  • 7+ years of experience
  • Experience in data flow modeling, and extract the data from business flow.
  • Expereince in business architecture, conceptualtization, fomrulating framworkds, and building models.
  • Experience in UI prototyping, defining the main fields, sequence of filling data, mandatory and optional fields.
  • Experience in governmental portals and regulations, Saudi IAM, SADAD, Absher integrations, Ministry of Commerce services.
  • Experience in governmental financial transactions analysis and documentation, billing, invoicing, budgeting.
  • Define and architect the processes in the organization including major and support processes, showing the relation, data flow, business rules, actors.
  • Define the data shared across the enterprise and the relationships between those data.
  • Experience in system architecture models, 4+1 and C4 and other common architecture models
  • Experience modeling business processes using a variety of tools and techniques, BPMN notation is of special importance

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Job information

Firm: Devoteam

Location: Riyadh