Strategy& admits four new partners in the Middle East practice

04 July 2019 3 min. read

The Middle East branch of Strategy& has added four new partners amid 35 partnership elevations in total for PwC Middle East.

Among 35 mid-year partnership promotions and recruitments across the regional operations of PwC Middle East, which features a headcount of 5,200 professionals stationed at 22 offices in 12 countries, the PwC network strategy consulting arm Strategy& (formerly Booz & Company) has admitted four new members; Camil Tahan, Roger Rabbat, Jorge Camarate, and Yahya Anouti.

“Our continuous focus on investing in the retention and development of our people proves our commitment to the region,” said PwC Middle East’s Senior Partner Hani Ashkar of the wider intake. “Our new partners have demonstrated their ability to be purpose-led and values-driven by consistently striving to meet our clients’ needs, and committing to the development of our people and the growth of our firm.”

Jorge Camarate

Formerly a partner in the firm’s Johannesburg office, where he headed up Strategy&’s Financial Services in Subsaharan Africa, Camarate joined the Dubai office at the start of the year to take on the equivalent role. He initially joined the firm in 2005 in the UK before relocating to South Africa in 2015, and earlier in his career spent two years as an analyst with McKinsey working on projects in Portugal and Brazil. He holds an MBA from London Business School.Jorge Camarate, Camil Tahan, Roger Rabbat and Yahya Anouti - PwC

Camil Tahan

An INSEAD graduate (and M.Sc.-holder in Civil Engineering with the University of Southern California), Tahan is a member of Strategy&’s engineered products and services practice (focusing on the construction and industrial products, aviation and infrastructure sectors) and makes partner after joining the firm in Dubai in 2007. Prior to joining, Tahan spent three years a a project manager with technical professional services firm Jacobs Engineering.

Roger Rabbat

Based in Beirut with activities across Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Iraq, Roger Rabbat has been with the firm for over a decade and is member of the Katzenbach Centre’s (Strategy&’s business culture think-tank) global leadership team. Rabbat, who also holds a B.Sc. in Civil Engineering and an MBA from London Business School, serves in Strategy&’s public services practice, with expertise in management consulting and the construction sector.   

Yahya Anouti

Also of Beirut, Yahya Anouti serves in Strategy&’s Energy, Chemicals & Utilities practice and specialises in resource-based sustainable development and energy and environmental-related sectoral strategies for governments, utilities outfits and national and international oil companies. A Fulbright fellow and doctoral holder in energy and environmental economics, Anouti since joining the firm in 2013 (after an earlier four-year stint at Booz & Co.) has been a frequent report author on a range of subjects, including fuzzy thinking in infrastructure policy-making and the case for GCC states to shift to a high quality research focus.

The quartet join 2018 appointees Anil Pandey, Shihab Elborai and Sevag Papazian among Strategy&’s partnership ranks, pushing the firm’s local senior leadership team beyond 30 members.