Rising Phoenix partners with software developer on express consulting solution

20 January 2020 Consultancy-me.com 3 min. read

Dubai-based firms Rising Phoenix Consultancy and Accelerate-Global have partnered together on a new business advisory service for the local hospitality sector – designed to accelerate the analysis and execution process.

Launched last year in Dubai, management consultancy Rising Phoenix has teamed up with business software developer Accelerate-Global on a proposition for the regional hospitality sector – aimed at providing the rapid analysis necessary for businesses to adapt in an era of constant disruption. Powered by AI and underpinned by strategic insight, the new partners contend the fresh approach provides significant advantages over the traditional consulting model.

“In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing, interconnected commercial world, challenges come from all sides: disruptive new entrants, technological advances, environmental issues, government regulations, and geopolitical threats – to mention just a few,” state Rising Phoenix managing director Kirsten Westholter and the team from Dubai-based Accelerate-Global, led by co-founders and joint chief executives Zag Asghar and Paula Newby.

They continue; “Faced with this onslaught, companies need first to understand the potential impact of these issues on their business as quickly as possible, and then be in a position to rapidly make the appropriate strategic transformational adjustments – before the next wave of disruption breaks over their corporate bows.” Believing the traditional consultancy approach to be insufficient, Asghar and Newby created AI-based platform Accelerate Business-DNA.

Rising Phoenix partners with software developer on express consulting solution

According to Accelerate Global, its unique software – when combined with strategic consultancy in various fields – can provide especially speedy insights into the different issues within a company, for example in areas such the sales function, leadership, culture, and risk. In this respect, companies can achieve results far quicker than might ordinarily be the case with traditional consultancy, which can take weeks or months to complete the initial analysis alone.

“Companies are hindered from adapting to ongoing disruptive change because of the time, effort and cost associated with the traditional approach and method of advisory,” says Asghar.  “Through the use of our software, we have produced a way for firms to overcome their inertia from these issues and become proactive to change. We also provide badly-needed benchmarking for them to achieve and ‘see’ tangible and incremental improvements to their business.”

The software, they say, can identify strengths and weaknesses in just a matter of days, and has already been adopted by clients including law firms, a global audit and advisory firm, a top Italian fashion brand, and a vertical farm – highlighting its versatility as a cross-industry tool for enterprises of all sizes. To further its advantage, Accelerate-Global is partnering with high calibre advisors to provide rapid analysis in advance of rolling out targeted execution plans.

One such partner is Rising Phoenix, which specialises in enhancing organisational efficiency and customer excellence for clients in the banking and retail sectors among others. Together, Rising Phoenix and Accelerate-Global are aiming to extend their combined expertise to the hospitality industry of Dubai, which is under pressure due to oversupply in the lead-up to Expo 2020 along with exacerbating factors such weakened currencies and regional instability.

“I am very excited to be able to start using the Company-DNA module for my clients, since most want almost immediate insight and actions,” comments Westholter. “We all know this take some time when using a traditional approach with interviews or lengthy questionnaires for example. By changing my approach to a rapid analysis, I can guarantee the swift implementation of low-hanging fruit and only perform deep-dives into specific areas of concern.”