KPMG Saudi launches first regional Insights Centre in Riyadh

26 February 2020 3 min. read

KPMG Saudi Arabia has launched a new tech-driven insights centre in Riyadh – the global firm’s first in the region.

Professional services firm KPMG has launched a new Insights Centre in Saudi Arabia, its first in the Middle East among twenty global locations. Based at the firm’s new head office in Riyadh, the centre will provide a collaborative environment for exploring the latest technologies in the field of data analytics and advanced visualisation, and is aimed at facilitating public and private sector cooperation toward Saudi Arabia’s digital transformation goals.

“The Insights Center offers interactive technologies and the opportunity to build real-life business scenarios, enabling data-driven decision-making,” said KPMG Saudi Arabia chairman Abdullah Al Fozan. “We believe that with the technology behind the Insights Center, coupled with the continuous investment in our people, we will be able to make a true difference for our clients, and tackle any business challenges that present themselves.”

Described at the time as key component of KPMG’s global innovation strategy for data and analytics, the opening of the new centre is the culmination of a MoU agreement first inked with Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Communications and Information Technology around the middle of 2018, with minster Abdullah Al Swaha present to officially inaugurate the new facility. Other senior public officials and business executives were also in attendance.  

KPMG Saudi launches first regional Insights Centre in Riyadh

“Digital transformation is high on the agenda of both the public and private sectors,” Al Fozan continued. “The government is aiming high with the ambitious Vision 2030 program, and the involvement of the private sector is key for success. At KPMG, we are committed to being at the forefront of this digital journey.” In addition, the firm also noted that the new innovation ecosystem will aid homegrown startups in cracking their most complex challenges.

Along with the MoU, KPMG also in 2018 announced its intention to establish a new headquarters at the Riyadh Front development, a move which has now taken place. In celebration, the firm hosted its first ever alumni event at the new locale. “Was heartwarming to hear the personal stories of how KPMG has touched, influenced and inspired the lives of our Alumni,” said Naseema Rangila, a senior HR consultant from KPMG in South Africa.

The motivation behind establishing a new base in the city was brought about in part to support a growing local headcount, which at the time of the signing was up to 800, around a tenth of KPMG MESA’s overall headcount, with the view to almost doubling that figure in Riyadh over the following five years. Part of that plan revolves around the New Insights centre, which will support the development of local digital talent through job and training opportunities.