PwC Middle East releases remote working charter in support of employees

11 May 2020 3 min. read

PwC Middle East has released its own remote working charter to help its employees contend with the challenges of the current professional landscape.

As the COVID-19 outbreak began to accelerate across the globe and governments worldwide introduced various public shutdown measures in an effort to contain the spread, a significant portion of the international workforce found themselves working from home for the very first time. The world’s leading consultancies were in agreement in their immediate advice to businesses; the first step was to protect and enable employees.

Much has since been written about challenges of remote working, but now one of those consultancies, PwC Middle East, has released its own remote working charter. Says regional PwC senior partner  Hani Ashkar: “Recognising the challenges that come with working remotely, the charter outlines twelve values we should all work to incorporate in our daily practice; individually and together as part of a greater team.”

PwC - Remote Working: 12 things we value

According to the charter, the twelve things the firm values as to remote working:

Division between work and personal time; “Just because we can be connected 24/7, it doesn’t mean that we should be. We respect personal time and needs.”

Home life; “Kids. Pets. Noise. Distractions. We all have it, no need to apologise for it.”

Virtual etiquette; “That aligns with physical etiquette. High engagement, limited multi-tasking, no phones, and the understanding that people will turn their cameras on when they can.”

Human connection; “The fostering of strong relationships, empathy. Care and consideration for each other’s wellbeing. From top to bottom and from virtual coffees to lunch breaks; we check in, we catch up, we stay connected.

Flexibility; “And the understanding that one size does not fit all. Working remotely often comes with additional responsibilities and flex time can be considered to accommodate everyone’s needs. Communication with your team is key.”

Dressing for your day; “The idea is to look presentable and feel your best self. Client meeting: business attire. Team meeting: dress comfortably.”

Transparency and trust among team members; “That everyone is committed to and accountable for their performance, wherever they are and irrespective of face time.”

The power of virtual; “Giving a voice to everyone equally, and enhancing the quality and richness of communication through tapping into diverse opinions and subject matter experts from around the region and world.”

Meetings with a purpose; “We respect each other’s time and busy schedules, and the understanding that not everything has to be a meeting.”

Team alignment; “On goals, expectations, preferred ways of working and communicating, and the time needed for each team member to recharge and remain productive.”

Upholding of standards; “Quality, security, confidentiality and exceptional service for our clients and the firm.

Togetherness; “Even when we are apart, we’re all in this together.”