TAG-Org to work with Microsoft and Jordan Senate on digital transformations

17 January 2018 Consultancy-me.com 2 min. read

Professional services providers Talal Abu Ghazaleh Organisation (TAG-Org) has signed a strategic co-operation agreement with Microsoft in Jordan to study potentialities for digital transformations. The agreement follows on from the group’s appointment by the Jordanian senate last year.

The Talal Abu Ghazaleh Organisation, which bills itself as one of the ‘largest global group of professional service firms’ with over 100 offices worldwide and strategic alliances with various networks, has announced a collaboration with Microsoft Jordan to conduct research and seek technological solutions to serve the local public and civic sectors.

The two parties agreed to form a joint working team to develop proposals for national digital transformation and to provide the local community with access to digital education through specialised products and ‘knowledge stations’, the latter to be established by the organisation.

Its eponymous founder and Chairman, Talal Abu Ghazaleh, noted that the move forms part of the company’s larger strategy toward total digital transformation, which, in its aim to “facilitate and speed up the provision of services to its clients,” encompasses a comprehensive program with a wide-ranging impact on its internal methodology and approach.Talal Abu Ghazaleh - Chairman

The agreement follows on from TAG-Org’s signature with the Jordanian Senate last year to help the Upper House implement an extensive programme of technical transformation and performance enhancements. The project aims to turn the Senate into a “knowledge-based institution” which utilises tech and digital services, while enhancing other areas such as IT, human resources, and professional and technical training.

In addition, TAG-Consult, the organisation’s consulting branch, has, in collaboration with a special committee headed by Senate President Faisal Al Fayez, begun strategic planning to help strengthen Senate performance. The team will conduct an analysis of institutional gaps with respect to the tasks and responsibilities of various senate divisions and link back the identified areas for performance improvement with the overall action plan.

With a wide footprint, particularly in the Arab region, TAG-Org provides a vast array of professional services to clients across numerous sectors, including leading companies in banking, industry, insurance and commerce, along with aiding local and international governmental organisations. The consulting branch TAG-Consult, meanwhile, offers advice in the areas of business and investment, financial consulting, organization and restructuring, and quality management.