The top Microsoft partners in the Middle East & North Africa

23 July 2020 9 min. read

Microsoft has unveiled the consulting firms and digital transformations firms that have won a Partner of the Year Award. Meet the winners for the Middle East region and the projects they successfully delivered enabling them to stand out from their domestic competition.


Microsoft Partner of the Year: Insomea Computer Solutions

Insomea’s objective is to facilitate its customers' cloud journey by delivering successful customer outcomes through Microsoft Cloud Services. In one of Insomea’s winning solutions, they worked very closely with a customer’s SOC team to pilot Azure Sentinel. Starting from an Azure Sentinel Workshop to assess the current situation and challenges and propose a roadmap for Azure sentinel deployment including automation via advanced playbooks and comprehensive dashboards. 

Among Insomea’s objectives is to drive consumption of Azure in the region. Enabling Azure Sentinel impacted the customer’s business positively and became the only used SOC solution since the second quarter of FY20. The company is now able to improve the efficiency of incident-handling activities, which in turn unburdens SecOps from IT tasks and saves time and resources for incident handlers while focusing on security. From now on, their management can gain complete visibility over security posture in seconds through Azure Portal. 


Microsoft Partner of the Year: Global Brands Group

Global Brands has been one of the most successful partners to Microsoft Egypt for more than ten years. Global Brands started their transformational journey in 2018 and has pivoted to become the fastest-growing consumers of Azure, growing 100 percent YoY with the highest ACA achievements. Also, Global Brands is a fast track-ready partner with the largest Teams active usage in Egypt. 

With their support, a ministry in Egypt developed a solution based on Microsoft technology managing more than 750 orphanages homes across the country. Global Brands assisted with proving accurate reporting, data analytics, and mining through Power BI tightening management, avoiding orphans from running away from their homes and to eliminating illegal organs trading. Global Brands delivers excellent quality across all segments driving Microsoft strategy and selling their solutions coupled with cloud offerings and supported by a dedicated Microsoft team of more than 35 employees.


Microsoft Partner of the Year: Optimiza Jordan

Optimiza Jordan has shown exemplary performance by helping customers in Jordan adopt a digital transformation strategy along with supporting them by providing the technical expertise for a seamless and hassle-free transition to the Cloud and embracing digitisation across commercial and government customers. Optimiza has worked closely with a leading large corporation with businesses that span several industries, resolving IT infrastructure complexity by moving data to the Cloud to provide the group with IT efficiency, business agility, and cost savings. 

Optimiza provides strong system integration by combining expertise on both Azure and Citrix for world-class virtualisation for applications and desktops. Remarkable efforts were portrayed by Optimiza, supporting customers adopting a shift to a remote work strategy, whereby Optimiza has deployed, enabled, and supported users in adoption and change management for more than 16,000 seats across multiple industries (Distribution, Retail, Education, Health, Government, Insurance and Banking).


Microsoft Partner of the Year: Comprehensive Computing Innovations

Comprehensive Computing Innovations (CCI) have shown exemplary performance by helping their customers in Lebanon adopt a digital transformation strategy along with supporting them through adoption, providing the technical expertise for a seamless and hassle-free transition to the cloud. Remarkable efforts were portrayed by CCI, supporting the customer's shift to a remote work strategy, where CCI has deployed, enabled, and supported users in adoption and change management for more than 22,000 seats across multiple industries. 

In addition to Teams, CCI supported customers with their datacenter modernisation and ease of accessibility to systems and tools needed remotely by enabling Windows Virtual Desktop for several customers coupled with Azure Sentinel for the best security posture in the environment. CCI has created their own Managed Services Offering FastConnect that allows users to access their corporate and company systems instantly. 


Microsoft Partner of the Year: Exakis Nelite

Exakis Nelite is offering a Microsoft professional services portfolio and Cloud offers that are unique in Morocco. They are providing end-to-end solutions to both medium and large customers. More than just providing cost reduction, customers are impressed by the new and fully integrated cloud solutions Nelite provides. 

Additionally, Nelite did a great job this year with its efforts related to IP Co-Sell and cloud transformation in multiple accounts. They enabled customers to adopt and follow products’ evolutions in the Cloud and application innovations, Data and IA based on Power Platform and Azure services. Nelite consistently demonstrated the added value of Microsoft cloud solutions from security to power platform. 


Microsoft Partner of the Year: International Information Technology

International Information Technology specialises in supporting customers across all industry sectors with complex IT needs. They pride themselves in being trusted technical advisors to many enterprises in the region and for providing best in-class IT systems integration solutions.

To support a client’s exponential growth with simpler management, IITC offered its datacenter modernisation carrier with a templatised method to legacy infrastructure modernisation. This ensured excessive availability of the client’s IT infrastructure, consolidated and virtualised all their Intel-based server workloads, designed a scalable infrastructure on Azure, and re-hosted all the client’s applications on Azure. This involved automating frequent, time-consuming, and ordinary management tasks, including spinning or shutting down of V-machines during off-hours. 

Through Azure, the client gained high availability, on-demand scalability, and zero downtime during deployments, allowing its IT workforce to spend less time on maintenance and management. This is just one of many of IITC’s success solutions for its cherished clients. 


Microsoft Partner of the Year: Cloud4C Services

Cloud4C showed high level of commitment to help customers in Qatar with their digital transformation journey, capitalising on their advanced technical experience. Cloud4C Services demonstrated high levels of dedication, agility, tenacity, and customer-centricity. In FY20, Cloud4C succeeded in migrating critical customer workloads to the Cloud with a phased, secure approach that did not result any disruption to customer operations. 

Saudi Arabia

Microsoft Partner of the Year: Ejada Systems

One of Ejada Systems’ key differentiators in the field is their demonstrated strong partnership with Microsoft across the three Clouds by building capabilities and involving themselves in strategic engagements. In the past year, Ejada continued with their Mobile First Cloud First strategy and helped drive cloud transformation within a major national airline carrier, utilising Azure services. 

They also prioritised Dynamics 365 CE over a competitor within their strong customer base of FSI and PS influencing $2.3 million revenue within a leading bank while also securing a new customer add within public sector replacing the competitor. And with the outbreak of Covid-19, Ejada moved fast to develop a platform to manage the Covid-19 case initiation, sampling, testing, and monitoring treatments, based on Microsoft technology and hosted on Azure.


Microsoft Partner of the Year: Cloudshift

Cloudshift is a born-in-the-Cloud partner and a true Microsoft player. Cloudshift, through its continuous engagement with government of Tunisia and strategic accounts in the country, has a great impact in this market. They are helping customers in their digital transformation journey by providing them advanced solutions and services to benefit from the value of the Cloud while transforming and innovating in their sector. 

In a tough public sector context with the challenge-related resistance to change, security, and data sovereignty, Cloudshift’s team contributed in building the digital workplace for the government of Tunisia. 


Microsoft Partner of the Year: KoçSistem

Founded more than 70 years years, KoçSistem is truly one of the pioneers of digital transformation in Turkey. While offering a range of products and services in internet of things, big data and analytics, security, corporate cloud, corporate mobility, business solutions, digital workforce, and robotic process automation, KoçSistem benefits from the strategic partnership with Microsoft Azure, strengthening their position as a system integrator providing managed services. 

Twenty years of experience operating three data centers enables KoçSistem to ensure excellence in public cloud management with an outstanding investment focus in research and development. Recently having initiated the application for Azure Expert MSP program KoçSistem is on track to have more than 50 Microsoft Certified Azure Architects and Engineers by the end of the year. KoçDigital also contributes to the success of KoçSistem’s extensive portfolio of management and consultancy services on Azure, which is highlighted by the 340 percent growth in their Azure consumption revenue in FY20.

United Arab Emirates

Microsoft Partner of the Year: Alpha Data

Alpha Data demonstrated leadership and the ability to transform to a highly impactful Microsoft cloud systems integrator. They expanded across solution verticals including IoT, big data, mobility, and cybersecurity and transcended to a co-sell mindset, leading digital transformation wins in strategic accounts in private and public sector. 

Some of their most impactful wins include an intelligent workspace project at a leading oil and gas customer with next-gen remote access solutions to enhance security and leveraging Citrix Mobility Solution hosted on Azure. Another success story with UAE’s largest telecommunications company entails Azure API management (Network as a Service) that bridged the telco’s on-premises solutions to the newly launched digital marketplace. During Covid-19, remote working campaigns for Teams and WVD led to notable wins in financial services, ranging to more than 5,000 seats of enabled Teams.

About the awards

The Microsoft Global Partner of the Year Awards recognise Microsoft partners that have developed and provided exceptional Microsoft-based solutions during the past year. Awards are classified in several categories, with honorees chosen from a set of more than 3,300 submitted nominations from more than 100 countries worldwide.