RightFoot to work with knowledge services firm Guidepoint

29 July 2020 Consultancy-me.com 2 min. read
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Egyptian consulting firm RightFoot has selected Guidepoint, a leading global platform for on-demand expertise, as a trusted source of knowledge services.

According to Somaya El Sherbini, co-founder of RightFoot, the collaboration will enable the boutique consultancy – the firm focuses on human capital and human resources – to tap specialised subject matter experts to augment the insights and services it provides to clients.

Guidepoint helps companies including consulting firms with three main offerings: running surveys across well-informed stakeholders, insights (phone consultations or in-person meetings with vetted advisors), and remote project work, mostly around research and thought leadership. 

The New York headquartered knowledge services firm has over 725,000 screened industry & subject-matter experts worldwide. Based on a client’s specific need, relevant advisors are matched with clients. In the case of consulting firms, consultancies typically use Guidepoint’s network as a middle-man to deliver a service to their own clients, or to conduct market assessments, due diligence on companies, and to build thought leadership.

RightFoot partners with knowledge services firm Guidepoint

“Great things in business are never done by one person; they’re done by a team of people,” said El Sherbini, “and our belief in this approach incited us to team up with Guidepoint. It will help us to bring ‘great things’ to our clients.” 

Cairo-based RightFoot works for organisations of all sizes on topics including talent management strategy, workforce planning, employer branding, organisational culture, HR analytics, and digital transformation of the HR function. Alongside adding depth to its offerings, the combined effort will also enable the firm to introduce an international, best practice perspective on local challenges, placing issues and solutions under a different lens. 

At Guidepoint’s end, the services are overseen by its Dubai office, which launched in June last year and is one of its fourteen hubs globally. The Middle East office is located at the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC). 

Bilal Sabouni, regional leader for the Middle East & North Africa said, “We look forward to continuing to expand our existing client relationships with not only the world’s largest consulting firms, but also with highly capable boutique firms like RightFoot. Our team will assist RightFoot with subject matter experts to advise on their projects.”