GE Healthcare experts on how tech can reshape healthcare

01 September 2020 4 min. read

In a virtual boardroom event on healthtech in the Middle East, Molly Final and Yassine Bhija shared how digital-led advancements can help the healthcare systems take their patient services and operations to the next level. 

The session was attended by healthcare industry leaders from across the region, including hospital executives, government officials, and leaders of healthcare institutions and service providers. 

Under the moderation of Reenita Das, a Senior Vice President in the Healthcare and Life Sciences practice of research firm Frost & Sullivan, participants explored the role of technological innovation as a response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Walking through examples of how rapidly growing eHealth opportunities and digital tools have helped institutions and doctors and medics globally with meeting heightened demand for patient support. 

Participants also discussed how digitisation is seen as a key lever to respond to a cohort of growing healthcare challenges, including changing consumer preferences, an ageing population, and an emerging middle class that is structurally entering the healthcare system in many developing markets. 

Knowledge sharing was led by a group of high-profile speakers, including two experts from GE Healthcare – Molly Final, Senior Director Healthcare Partners, Eastern Growth Markets; and Yassine Bhija, Director of Enterprise Solutions, Eastern Growth Markets. 

Why has Covid19 accelerated the digital transformation

The duo kicked off by explaining how the current Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of digital, across all facets and driven by all stakeholders. 

Using hospitals as an example, they then shared how with cutting-edge technology has the potential to reshape the patient experience with virtual care, leveraging technologies such as internet of medical things (IoMT), teleradiology, telemedicine, remote patient monitoring, and virtual visits. 

Transformation Focus Areas

Final and Bhija continued by stating that the use of digital health solutions can revolutionise how the healthcare industry delivers its services. “With innovation in the forefront, the goals of optimising systems, improving patient outcomes, lowering costs, increasing efficiency, and improving on physicians’ work can be a reality.”

For those working in the sector, digital can trigger four main practical benefits, they said. These are: quicker response to patients, including better handover between physicians which in turn enhances services and compliance management, a more coordinated care model, and digital and remote working which can for specific activities save time and improve productivity.

Benefits to Organization

They concluded by highlighting how digitisation can help shape and enable strategic healthcare plans for the future.

View the session: The full 2-hour recording of the HealthTech virtual boardroom session is available on YouTube.

The firm the pair work for, GE Healthcare, is a leading medical technology and digital solutions innovator. The 50,000-strong global company enables healthcare systems to drive productivity and improve outcomes for clinicians and patients. The firm’s consulting arm, GE Healthcare Partners, specialises in advisory and implementation services. 

According to a report by McKinsey & Company, better healthcare is one of the world’s most promising opportunities. Improving healthcare to citizens comes along with a plethora of indirect benefits to people and society, with better healthcare housing the possibility of lifting global GDP by a staggering $12 trillion beyond 2040.