Proven Consult brings VSight's AR solutions to the Middle East

02 October 2020 3 min. read

Riyadh-based digital consultancy Proven Consult has inked a partnership with Lithuanian augmented reality (AR) specialists VSight, in a deal that will bring advanced AR solutions to workplaces across the Middle East.

As part of the deal, Proven Consult will be the exclusive distributor of VSight’s AR solutions in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman and Bahrain. Proven Consult will look to serve clients across these markets from its existing bases in Riyadh and Dubai. The firm has substantial expertise in delivering robotics, artificial intelligence and other digital solutions, making it the right fit to deliver VSight’s range of digital solutions.

VSight is a digital business based in Vilnius, specialised in using AR to allow remote management of industrial functions and assets across the manufacturing, oil & gas, telecom, energy, utilities and automotive sectors, among others. As remote working becomes the norm, VSight has seen its offerings rapidly propelled into the spotlight.

Proven Consult brings VSight's AR solutions to the Middle East

Not only does VSight offer knowledge and information sharing platforms, it also facilitates remote maintenance, repair, inspection and training. The firm’s flagship service offering is VSight Remote – which allows field workers to control equipment remotely using smart glasses. The smart glasses also facilitate remote collaboration between businesses, experts and clients.

With fear of infection rife and a second lockdown in consideration for several markets across the globe, such tools are the need of the hour. In fact, AR ­– already poised to have an impact across key industries – is now projected to draw well over $31 billion in spending by 2023, according to recent analysis by research firm IDC.

“Augmented Reality technologies are transforming the traditional business landscape to offer boundless collaboration opportunities and enhance workforce productivity to a whole new level,” said Proven Consult Director and Deputy CEO Anas Abdul-Haiy. According to him, the VSight partnership positions Proven Consult perfectly at the receiving end of this drive towards AR.

“Our partnership with AR technology specialist VSight will further enable us to strengthen our comprehensive portfolio and offer ground-breaking solutions and consulting services to our valued regional customers. We are thrilled to expand our offerings with VSight and look forward to solving customers’ challenges and building regional AR expertise with innovative use cases,” he said.

VSight, meanwhile, will continue to push forward with its purpose of AR innovation. According to co-founder at the firm Cihat Kahraman, the current circumstances have blown wind in the sails for the AR market across the world, and the partnership with Proven Consult will help VSight fuel this change in the Middle East.

“AR technologies are yet to be explored to its complete potential. The ongoing pandemic has driven its applications and the technology has proven to be a powerful enabler to offer interactive experiences that fuel business efficiency in remote environments. We are excited to work together with digital consulting leader Proven Consult to help customers accelerate their digital transformation initiatives,” he said.