McKinsey seeking 20 Emiratis in Abu Dhabi for leadership program

16 December 2020 3 min. read

Following the success of its inaugural edition, McKinsey & Company has announced the 2021 edition of its Qiyada Emerging Leaders program in Abu Dhabi. 

Last week the strategy consulting firm launched its search for 20 young, talented Emiratis in Abu Dhabi that aspire joining the one-year learning & development journey. The bar for joining McKinsey’s program is high – candidates should currently hold managerial positions and must demonstrate a track record of top quartile achievement in their organisations and field of expertise. 

The consultancy established the programme early 2020 as part of its commitment to nurturing home grown talent in the emirate. Currently, less than 10 percent of the private sector workforce are Emiratis.

McKinsey seeking 20 Emiratis in Abu Dhabi for leadership program

“As the nation intensifies its efforts to bring more Emiratis into the private sectors and galvanize a non-oil dependent economy powered by local talent, our Qiyada Emerging Leaders program contributes to helping Abu Dhabi realise its national goals,” said Maitham Albaharna, an Associate Partner at McKinsey & Company Middle East

Rima Assi, Senior Partner and Head of McKinsey’s Abu Dhabi office, added: “Abu Dhabi is going through an ambitious transformation that requires the support of young, driven leaders. Through this year-long development journey of self-discovery, we hope to unlock both the personal and professional potential that will better equip participants to drive this transformation.”

The 12-months program consists of a number of building blocks, including: an “immersive learning experience of self-discovery and self-definition”, personal development through “self-shaping, technical skills and leadership capabilities”, leadership training forums and keynote sessions delivered by esteemed industry experts, digital learning modules, networking and team-building exercises, and one-on-one coaching sessions. 

According to one participant that participated in the first year, “By the end of the programme, you will feel a new and better version of yourself has arrived.” Meanwhile, another participant reflected, “This programme was rich with information that I have never thought of in my life. It was an amazing experience – so worth my time. It’s a life changing programme!” 

Qiyada – which means “leadership” in Arabic – is delivered by experts from McKinsey & Company and Aberkyn, the firm’s leadership development and change management wing (acquired in 2017). Rawan Albina, Aberkyn’s leader in the Middle East and facilitator of the sessions, said: “During this learning journey, participants learn what it takes to be influential leaders during times of change, and how to lead teams in an adaptive and purposeful way. Participants also walk away with a deeper understanding of personal leadership and problem solving in challenging situations.” 

McKinsey & Company has a long and well-established presence in Abu Dhabi working across public and private sector institutions to support the major economic transformation efforts across the emirate. The office is led by senior partner Rima Assi in conjunction with partners Dennis Ducro, Mahir Nayfeh and Christian Stüer.