Caliber Consulting makes headways in Organizational Network Analysis

24 March 2021 2 min. read

Middle East boutique Caliber Consulting has made headways in Organizational Network Analysis through launching the region’s first ever masterclass dedicated to the topic, signing key technology partnerships, and rolling out its vision on a number of select projects. 

Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) is a technique that maps out social interactions and patterns of collaboration and influence between people in an organisation. “The approach helps leaders see the organisation through a different lens, and consequently helps understand operations and prompt decisions which can be quite different than those that are based solely on the organisation chart,” explained Caliber Consulting’s managing partner Rani Salman.

ONA can be put to widespread practice across applications such as scaling innovation, cultural change, succession planning, diversity and inclusion, performance management, and many more. The analysis is typically conducted either through a ‘passive approach’ (relying on email data, Slack, Microsoft teams, and other data points) to map out the network, or an ‘active approach’, which relies on survey data that identifies influencers and network connectivity.

Caliber Consulting makes headways in Organizational Network Analysis

Caliber Consulting first embraced the approach back in 2015, and has since over the past years leveraged its experience in the field to develop an own approach and training on Organizational Network Analysis. Part of the firm’s broader Organization Design offering, ONA “enables us to help our clients better understand the informal networks that are so key for successful change,” said Salman.

Illustrating this, Caliber Consulting recently applied ONA at a client in the Middle East aimed at identifying influencers and informal leaders who could energize and motivate their peers to promote the new behaviours that needed to be instilled as part of a cultural change program. 

“Certain influencers, many of which were frontline employees, were then enrolled as change agents to spread the cultural values across the organization. Overlaying cultural survey data on the network, also helped identify areas of risk where the wrong behaviours could be spread and pockets of misalignment in cultural values between teams and networks.”

Organization Design is one of Caliber Consulting’s three main consultancy offerings, alongside Strategy Execution and People & Change.