8 charts on UAE's shifting consumer behaviour landscape

06 April 2021 Consultancy-me.com 3 min. read

Global consultancy McKinsey & Company has surveyed over 500 consumers in the United Arab Emirates to gain insight into the current state of consumer sentiment, as well as trends emerging in consumer behaviour. A round-up of the report’s key findings in eight charts.

The UAE is most optimistic for economic recovery as compared to other countries. 74% believe the economy will grow to become “just as strong or stronger” compared with a global average of 30%.

Confidence in own countrys economic recovery after COVID-19

UAE consumers continue to believe the personal and financial impact from Covid-19 will last longer than four more months.

Adjustments to routines

UAE consumers are becoming more mindful of how they spend their money and adopting new habits to save money.

Change in shopping mindset since COVID19

Almost all UAE consumers have adopted a new shopping behaviour, and most intend to continue with it beyond the crisis.

Have you used any of the following since COVID19 started

Consumers are paying increased attention to companies’ purpose and value while buying.

Consumers buying based on company behavior

Many consumers plan to shift their shopping habits almost completely to online.

Consumers use of online channel before and expected use after COVID19

Value and convenience are the primary reason for consumers to spend and try new brands as well as new places to shop. Quality and purpose are also often cited when choosing new brands.

Reason for shopping at a new retailer, store of website in the past three months

Delivery services and online streaming have gotten the most new and increased users since COVID-19

Have you started or increased usage since COVID19 started

Commenting on the survey’s key findings, Abdellah Iftahy, a partner and leader of the consumer and retail practice at McKinsey & Company in the Middle East said: “We see that the big changes of 2020 continue to play out this year: shifting to value and essentials, flight to digital and omni-channel, and shock to loyalty.”