Scopernia launches gaming consulting offering for business

14 July 2021 3 min. read
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An innovative proposition: management consultancy Scopernia has launched a new gaming consultancy practice in the Middle East to help businesses within the gaming industry with branding, and use insights from the sector’s young consumer base to help clients in other sectors too. 

Dubai-based Scopernia is a new age consultancy focused on people-driven innovation and digital transformation – a modernity best exemplified by its new practice Scopernia Gaming. The proposition taps into several, very current global trends at once. 

Gaming is a rapidly expanding industry – even more so following the pandemic-induced focus on home entertainment. A September 2020 report from consultancy Simon Kucher & Partners revealed that Covid-19 took the global video game market to $170 billion – from $148 billion in 2019. 

Scopernia launches gaming consulting offering for business

Helping businesses in this ballooning industry with their branding and competitiveness is one side of Scopernia’s new ambition. “We support organisations to gain the most from the gaming ecosystem rather than do the cursory banner-ad approach that does not gain effective eye-balls,” explained Scopernia’s MENA managing director Jeremy Denisty. 

That said, the value of Scopernia Gaming goes beyond – mainly owing to its demographic engagement. Denisty explained how the new consulting service “takes into consideration one of the most important audiences for all organisations – the Middle East’s largest demographic, its youth.” 

“By understanding the aspirations and attitudes of young people through insights gained from the gaming industry, we will support government and business entities to be prepared for the future. Organisations can learn more about customer behaviour, especially that of youth, and new ways of living.”

“This will accelerate the positive transformation of organisations as well as build an ecosystem of opportunities to thrive in the new normal,” he added. Given Scopernia’s mission statement of helping clients become future ready through a host of digital transformation and branding services, the new division is a high-impact next step. 

Expert support

Helping to run the new practice is Lalit Vase – a gaming executive with over 20 years of experience at Red Entertainment Distribution under his belt. He also currently runs two gaming ventures of his own in Dubai: creative agency Power League Gaming and talent development firm NASR Esports. He will collaborate with Scopernia Gaming as it finds its legs. 

This is only a matter of time according to Vase, based on the state of gaming today. “I have spent more than two decades in video gaming and have seen it grow from a niche business to a mainstream form of entertainment. The video gaming and eSports industry have a bright future in the Middle East,” he said. 

“With Scopernia Gaming, we aim to advise people and companies on how they can leverage the learnings from the gaming industry.”