Predixa launches AI-driven diversity, equity & inclusion service

29 July 2021 2 min. read

Dubai-based diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) specialist advisory firm Predixa has launched a new AI-backed service to help businesses chart a course to becoming more diverse with speed, efficiency and accuracy.

The service blends a traditional consulting and research approach with in-depth analytics driven by the power of AI, to enable a data-backed approach to predict results. The service kicks off with face-to-face interactions with business executives, after which (or in parallel) Predixa’s Dynamix DEI application conducts an assessment by gathering data from the workforce of the company, producing a prioritised and tailored roadmap to meet diversity, equity and inclusion goals.

“Typically, our clients can have a prioritised plan of action within 10 working days, with very little disruption to their business,” explained Predixa CEO Paula Newby. The analysis is bias-free, benchmarked and focuses on the most critical improvement areas – giving leadership a clear idea on the way forward. 

Paula Newby, CEO, predixa

Some big-ticket firms are already using the offering. Predixa’s head of strategic consulting Kirsten Westholter told ConsultancyME that an end-to-end project is currently being run with a global services organisation with more than 200,000 employees; as well other projects being delivered at two multinational businesses in the telecom and pharmaceutical industries.

“These organisations have bought into the fact that value realisation from diversity, equity and inclusion needs to be both for the good of their employees as well as contributing to the KPI metrics of their company – such as innovation, competitive positioning, sales and profit” Newby added. 

And many more businesses are set to have the same realisation – given the growing emphasis on DEI initiatives in the Middle East and worldwide.

Predixa supports businesses with managing this shift through a range of services across planning, change management and digital transformation – leveraging an agile approach to implementation. Notable clients across its roster of services include PwC, Dolce & Gabbana and Chalhoub Group – among others.