CEO and leaders coaching network Vistage launches in the UAE

10 June 2022 2 min. read

Vistage, a peer to peer coaching and advisory network for executives and leaders, has launched its first chapter in the Gulf Cooperation Council, selecting Dubai as its base.

Founded over 50 years ago, Vistage brings together likeminded executives and leaders of small and mid-sized businesses (SME) with the aim of facilitating the exchange of knowledge, best practices and more. The US-headquartered group bills itself as the best alternative to hiring (expensive) external consultants.

The network’s leaders, executives and business owners provide counsel to one another, for instance during events, in peer groups (organised across topics or relevant challenges) or through one-on-one coaching sessions.

Vistage - Leading a life of climb

Becoming part of Vistage is exclusive for leaders with a proven track record, and comes with a membership fee – however, the investment is well worth it, according to Vistage commissioned research. “Companies led by Vistage members grow on average 2.2 times their industry rate ,” found the Dun & Bradstreet’s study.

“Our members connect in an exclusive environment of trust and confidentiality, where they can access diverse ideas and perspectives, gain new knowledge and insights, circulate best practices, form new partnerships, drive international expansion, and discover the power of peer advantage. Together, they drive impact,” explained Sam Reece, the CEO of Vistage.

“With over 26,000 members, we’re the world’s largest and most comprehensive executive coaching organisation for small and midsize businesses.”

Now also based in Dubai, Vistage aims to assemble SME leaders into groups that “help members support each other, improve performance and outcomes of their businesses”, said Nathan Farrugia, Managing Director of Vistage in the UAE.

Farrugia, who recently relocated from Malta to setup and launch Vistage in the United Arab Emirates, added that the new hub in Dubai will vice versa also add value to the firm’s global member base. “We know there is a wealth of global talent to be tapped into in Dubai which will fit well into our international network, adding yet more value to the Vistage membership portfolio.”

The Vistage membership is open to leaders from all sectors, from retail and construction, to financial services and hospitality. The network also has programs specifically catered to chief executives, business owners, emerging leaders and professional services providers.