McKinsey partner Enno de Boer to speak at IoT Middle East 2018

07 March 2018 4 min. read

The speakers have been announced for the ‘Internet of Things 2018’ conference, due to take place in Dubai this March. The conference will feature more than 30 speakers, including Enno de Boer, a Partner at management consultancy McKinsey & Company.

As the Internet of Things (IoT) paradigm becomes more of a reality with each passing day, leaders of the business world are doing their best to foster a collaborative environment, to ensure wide access to the latest ideas and developments in the domain. Over the last five years, high-level executives from a range of industries have been congregating to exchange new models and challenges.

At its core, the conference is a tool for executives to advance their business in the IoT sphere, leveraging key networking assets to gain a foothold with clients, international organisations, and government institutions. In addition to broad networks, attendees gain exposure to in-depth case analysis and scenarios from leaders in the domain.

This year, 35 speakers will present at the conference, to be attended by more than 400 professionals. The conference will also be attended by a number of start-ups in the tech sector, and its situation in Dubai will lend vibrancy to this segment of activities, given the booming tech-startup environment in the Middle East, increasingly active in the IoT and Artificial Intelligence domains.

Of the experts presenting at the event, one of the most accomplished names is that of Enno de Boer, who is an Expert Partner at McKinsey & Company, in charge of the firm’s international network of McKinsey Capability Centres as well as the Mid-Atlantic Operations Hub. De Boer is also the co-leader of the compliance and quality vertical at the consulting firm.

Enno de Boer, Partner at McKinsey & Company

His expertise in IoT can be traced back to his educational background. He holds a Masters as well as a PhD in the field of mechanical engineering, from the Technical Universities of Aachen and Dresden respectively. He began his professional career at renowned automobile manufacturer BMW as a Project Manager, following which he joined McKinsey as a Consultant in 1999.

Since then, de Boer has been a steady fixture at McKinsey, first being appointed as Partner in Germany, and subsequently being shifted to the US outfit, also as Partner in the New Jersey office. He is one of the firm’s leading professionals in the digital manufacturing space, supervising its partnership with the Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute.

De Boer is responsible for founding the McKinsey Capability Centre, which has now grown to incorporate 15 training centres that train 15,000 professionals for management level every year, endowing them with the skills required to run state-of-the-art business models. He has extensive collaborative experience as well, having cooperated with the World Economic Forum on behalf of McKinsey in the domain of technology adoption, which equips him suitably for the IoT 2018 conference.

At the IoT 2018, de Boer will speak primarily about transforming businesses. The conference will also feature talks from Senior Vice President of the Lego Group, Jesper Toubol, as well as Deon Newman, Senior Vice President at IBM Watson. Presentations are scheduled from other top level executives from a range of firms, including PwC, Microsoft, Tesla, Kaspersky Lab, and GE Power, all of which represent industries that are being disrupted by IoT capabilities.

De Boer is joined by two other McKinsey Partners who will speak at the event: Vinay Chandran, A Partner with McKinsey Digital, and Christos Sermpetis, a Partner in the firm's Operations Practice and with McKinsey Digital.