Citrus Consulting inks partnerships with Simspace and Traydstream

23 August 2022 2 min. read
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Citrus Consulting, a Dubai-based technology consultancy, has inked partnership agreements with two IT companies – Simspace and Traydstream.

The agreement with Simspace, a cybersecurity services provider, deepens Citrus Consulting’s cyber offerings, adding a risk management platform and cyber-focused solutions to its portfolio.

Using’s Simspace’s platform, security teams can test solutions, processes, staff, controls, and cloud infrastructure for their cyber robustness (through simulations but also ‘real life’ attacks), and use insights to improve environments.

Citrus Consulting inks partnerships with Simspace and Traydstream

This is where Citrus Consulting comes in. The firm’s consultants help clients implement enhancements, and can support with the optimisation of operations and maintenance, with a focus on clients running on AWS infrastructures (Citrus Consulting is a certified AWS Partner).

“The Middle East is facing a rise in cybersecurity threats. We are feeling proud to collaborate with Simspace to train for quick response and validations against cyber attacks,” said Dan Sithamabram, Director for Technology Innovation and Customer Success for MENA at Citrus Consulting.

“Leveraging the Simspace platform and its insights, we will help clients improve decisions and regulatory compliance by quantifying actions and mapping evidence. Partnering with Simspace will also help us in advancing the cloud infrastructures of our clients with the latest cybersecurity practices.”

The partnership with Traydstream meanwhile is focused on Citrus Consulting’s financial services practice, which serves banks. insurance group, wealth managers and other institutions.

Traydstream is a platform that helps financial institutions with automating and streamlining their trade operations. The SaaS-based platform takes over many trading activities from humans, including identifying profitable opportunities, placing trade order and continuous learning (powered by an artificial intelligence engine).

“By using trusted programs, traders can generate profits at lightning speed and frequency as opposed to human traders. Given that this trading method is highly popular and is now a need of the hour, banks and other financial institutions are increasingly adopting trade automation platforms,” said Sithamabram.

“We are super excited to partner with Traydstream. This partnership allows us to help our banking and financial services customers across the Middle East to disrupt and transform their trade operations.”