Glasgow Research & Consulting launches vehicles intelligence offering

31 August 2022 2 min. read

Building on its extensive research experience and in-depth database of vehicle sales data in the UAE, Glasgow Research & Consulting has launched a new intelligence offering for players in the region’s automotive and aftermarket sector.

The new offering provides up-to-date insights on the latest trends and developments in the UAE’s car market.

“The mobility sector in the Middle East and North Africa region is emerging and fast transforming,” said Vishal Pandey, founder and managing partner of Glasgow Research & Consulting. “Our new offering provides the fact-based insights to help identify the top tends in mobility, and to plan for the road ahead.”

Glasgow Research & Consulting launches vehicles intelligence offering

A first of a kind for the region according to Pandey, the intelligence proposition enables users to access data on metric including new car sales, second-hand car sales, and commercial vehicle sales – by all kinds of cross-sections such as OEM, car model and automotive segment.

The intelligence tool, which offers a monthly, quarterly, and annual subscription-based model, “will come in handy for business planning purpose to be used all the local, regional and international stakeholders in the mobility, aftermarket and OEMs solutions.”

Glasgow Research & Consulting’s model brings together a range of sources and proprietary analysis to assess demand patterns and trends with “around 95% accuracy”, claimed Pandey. The model blends historical data (which stretches back some 15 years), with current data and intelligent forecasting.

Founded in 2010, Glasgow Research & Consulting is a strategic research and consulting firm with offices in Dubai and Riyadh, and affiliates in Harare and Auckland. Its ‘UAE Vehicle Database’ tool is its first SaaS-based offering.

According to the firm’s latest analysis of the market, sales of passenger cars in the UAE will in the coming years see robust growth, with electrical vehicles and luxury cars the most in-demand segments.