ROI-EFESO expands Middle East presence with new Dubai office

03 November 2022 3 min. read

German management consultancy ROI-EFESO has expanded its presence in the Middle East with the opening of its second office in United Arab Emirates (UAE).

ROI-EFESO’s fresh Dubai office complements the firm’s inaugural regional hub in Abu Dhabi and comes in response to “strong demand” for the firm’s services, said Ernest Nedic, Managing Director of ROI-EFESO in the Middle East.

With 30 offices worldwide, Munich-headquartered ROI-EFESO is one of the more well-known consultancies specialised in operational excellence and digital transformation in industrial sectors (known as Industry 4.0). The 800-strong group works for clients across sectors.

ROI-EFESO expands Middle East presence with new Dubai office

“The Middle East continues to be an attractive market of growth,” said Nedic. “We see tremendous potential for growth and investment in Industry 4.0 technology to advance the industrial sector regionally. Our newest office in Dubai accommodates our growing presence in the region, and enables us to better support our clients with their ambitions.”

Since establishing its presence in Abu Dhabi a few years ago, ROI-EFESO has built a client roster spanning more than 50 companies in sectors including food and beverage, chemicals and manufacturing.

Much of the firm’s work is linked to the strategy of the UAE’s Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology to upgrade the role of industrial sectors in the economy. As it stands, industrial sectors contribute around AED 133 billion to the UAE’s gross domestic product, by 2031, that number should have hit the AED 300 billion mark (explaining why the ambition is billed as ‘Operation 300 billion’).

Adopting state-of-the-art methodologies and technologies will be key to help UAE-based industrials achieve this vision – this is where ROI-EFESO comes in. “We help organisations design Industry 4.0 strategies, enhance their operational efficiency and implement technology solutions,” explained Nedic.

On top of its consulting services, ROI-EFESO also offers training services to support capability transfer to its clients, and has a Digital Factory hub where clients can experiment with the latest smart factory technologies such as industrial internet of things, artificial intelligence and predictive maintenance.

Christian Sagur and Ernest Nedic

On the back of the firm’s specialist expertise and approach, ROI-EFESO has over the years bagged several awards for its track record, in particular in home base Germany and adjacent market Switzerland.

“We look forward to help the UAE develop the industrial sector, in line with the UAE’s visionary strategy Operation 300 billion,” said Christian Sagur, a partner at ROI-EFESO.

ROI-EFESO is part of EFESO Consulting, a global operations strategy and performance improvement consulting firm which itself has been active in the Middle East for 15+ years. The two firms joined forces in the summer of 2019, after which ROI Management Consulting adopted the ROI-EFESO brand.

Earlier this year, EFESO Consulting acquired Cognitive Companions in France and Argo Consulting in the United States.