Hasan Muzaffar leads McKinsey in Middle East, Egypt & Pakistan

23 January 2023 Consultancy-me.com 2 min. read
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Global strategy and management consulting firm McKinsey & Company has named Dubai-based senior partner Hasan Muzaffar as the new leader of its Middle East Egypt, and Pakistan division.

In the role, Hasan Muzaffar oversees a team of 1,200+ consultants and staff across the firm’s offices in the Middle East (Bahrain, Egypt, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates), as well as Egypt in North Africa and Pakistan in Asia.

One of the world’s most prestigious management consulting firms, McKinsey & Company has been active in the region since 1957. Having seen strong growth over the past years under the leadership of Gassan Al-Kibsi (who led the region since early 2020), Muzaffar has been tasked with leading the firm through the “next chapter of our journey”.

Hasan Muzaffar, Managing Partner in the Middle East, Egypt, and Pakistan - McKinsey & Company

Muzaffar has been with McKinsey since 2004, having joined from industry where he held various product management and supply chain roles. He is a member of the firm’s Global Institutional Investing & Public Finance practice, as well as a member of the Strategy & Corporate Finance practice.

He has extensively served sovereign-wealth funds, private sector institutions, and broader conglomerate companies on topics of strategy, asset allocation, portfolio approach, investment governance, and risk management.

His experience includes supporting the creation of more than ten new investment and sovereign-funding platforms. In addition, Muzaffar has supported multiple global governments in developmental finance institutions and ecosystems, including the creation of new funds for economic development, small and medium-sized enterprise support systems, lending, job creation, and economic stimulus efforts.

Muzaffar’s track record also includes over 30 engagements on topics such as public-private partnerships and privatization or equity readiness for portfolios across manufacturing, logistics, infrastructure, transportation, education, housing, and healthcare.