Boston Consulting Group launches tech design and build arm BCG X

26 January 2023 2 min. read
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Following months of preparation (and a soft launch in a few major markets), Boston Consulting Group has formally launched its new BCG X division, bringing together nearly 3,000 professionals worldwide under a single roof.

The new division, which focuses on technology design, build & implementation services, brings together the capabilities of three Boston Consulting Group subsidiaries: BCG Digital Ventures, BCG Platinion, and BCG Gamma.

“Many CEOs I speak with are grappling with the challenge of delivering their business strategy through major digital transformations. To tip the scales, we are doubling down on BCG X. This new division will turbocharge our ability to enable innovation at scale and deliver successful end-to-end digital transformations,” said Christoph Schweizer, CEO of Boston Consulting Group.

Boston Consulting Group launches tech design and build arm BCG X

Comprising close to 3,000 technologists, scientists, programmers, engineers and designers across more than 80 cities, Boston Consulting Group has already announced plans to grow that number to “over 5,000 staff over the next few years,” said Sylvain Duranton, a Paris-based partner who leads the new unit.

BCG Digital Ventures was the firm’s digital-focused incubation and design arm. BCG Gamma focused on artificial intelligence and data science services. BCG Platinion meanwhile was BCG’s IT implementation group.

In the Middle East, BCG X will build mainly on BCG Platinion’s footprint, which launched in the region early last year.

David Panhans, leader of BCG X in the Middle East, said that BCG X is seeking to rapidly scale its headcount in the region, to “meet strong client demand” and “provide the full range of tech design and build capabilities to our Middle Eastern clients.”

“In order to capture the full growth potential in the post-pandemic future, GCC governments and corporations are undergoing or planning major digital transformation efforts to adopt emerging technologies and to provide end-to-end digital services. However, digital transformations are complex and often fail to deliver the expected results. With BCG X, we help our clients to overcome these challenges,” he added.

According to 2021 research by Boston Consulting Group, only 1 in 3 digital transformation projects actually turn out to be successful. Given that more recent research from the firm found that spending in digital transformation will continue to boom in 2023, the launch of BCG X could not have come at a better moment.