Dubai-based advisory boutiques Predixa and 3D Actio team up

14 February 2023 2 min. read

Advisory boutique Predixa has agreed a partnership with 3D Actio, a fellow UAE-based counterpart. Together, the two consultancies expect to provide more value on topics of common ground.

Founded around three years ago, Predixa supports clients across three main lines of business: commercial growth, mergers & acquisitions (focus on due diligence), and human capital (focused on diversity & inclusion). The Dubai-based firm backs its advisory offerings with an AI-powered SaaS tool that enables the crunching of large volumes of data.

The brainchild of founder Simon Lewis, 3D Actio provides counsel to leaders on their business strategy, and with bringing this to life across the execution spectrum. 3D Actio similarly operates out of Dubai.

Dubai-based advisory boutiques Predixa and 3D Actio team up

Zag Asghar, the Managing Partner at Predixa said that the partnership between the two companies was a natural next step in their collaboration. Having successfully teamed up previously on a number of engagements, “we are now delighted to formalise our partnership.”

According to Asghar, the joining of forces deepens Predixa’s portfolio of strategic transformation services. “As we hit this period of recession in many regions, there is an increasing demand from market conditions for companies to become more agile and nimble to remain competitive and maintain or protect their organisational KPIs.”

“Our business transformation services are designed to enable companies to become more efficient and effective by analysing their organisation deeply and widely, leading to both social and financial change. This is where the complimentary fit of strategic services from Predixa and 3D Actio allow us to pool our resources for the benefit of our customers.”

Commenting on the partnership, Lewis said: “To find a good strategic fit for partnerships is essential when providing the right solutions for our clients, and this is what we have found with Predixa’s propositions.”

“We believe in enabling organisations to develop, disrupt and innovate their business model(s) using multi-dimensional insights. Insights that lead to new worlds of opportunity and ideas. Ideas that create value and maintain long-term competitive advantage and profitability. To this end, we are delighted to be working with Predixa to offer even more value to our clients.”