How Sia Partners helped shape the World Police Summit’s agenda

14 March 2023 3 min. read
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As the dust settles on the largest edition of the World Police Summit to date, leaders from official knowledge partner Sia Partners reflect on the event’s key takeaways and how the firm helped shape the event’s agenda.

Hosted by Dubai Police, the World Police Summit every year brings leaders from across the policing, security, and public safety landscape together to discuss the sector’s key trends, challenges, and opportunities.

During the three-day summit from 7-9 March, more than 230 high-profile speakers shared their views and learnings across six distinct conferences, on topics ranging from innovative policing techniques and crime prevention, to anti-narcotics, forensic science, drones, artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies.

One of the summit’s just two official knowledge partners (the other being KPMG), Sia Partners provided a range of contributions to the agenda and discussions.

The firm’s global CEO, the Frenchman Matthieu Courtecuisse, delivered a keynote speech on how policing organisations can leverage data and analytics to drive competitiveness, effectiveness, and efficiency. His keynote also featured a few case studies on the matter, showcasing the practical applications of data and analytics in policing.

Matthieu Courtecuisse at World Police Summit

Cesar Moukarzel, the Middle East Managing Director of Sia Partners, was one of four panelists for a discussion around the metaverse, during which he shared insights on the opportunities the metaverse can provide to policing and law enforcement agencies. Moukarzel was invited to the panel on the back of Sia Partners’ frontrunning role in the metaverse advisory scene.

The panel further included: Marc Reina, Deputy Chief Training Bureau LAPD, Ngee Poon, Director of Home Team Simulation at the Home Team Academy of the Government of Singapore; and Sezgin Koral, the First Degree Police Chief Special Operations Department at the Turkish Police.

Cesar Moukarzel during the panel discussion

In addition, Sia Partners was responsible for running and moderating various round table discussions around policing matters. These discussions covered topics such as anti-narcotics, crime prevention, money laundering and financial crime, traffic policing, and emergency response.

“Our team facilitated these discussions, bringing together experts from law enforcement agencies around the world to share their insights and discuss best practices,” explained Moukarzel.

According to Dubai Police, the World Police Summit was visited by more than 100 Chiefs of Police, and over 15,000 other visitors from 100+ countries. The official exhibitor list eclipsed the 250 mark.

“We are proud to have played a significant role in such an important event and to have contributed to the discussion on the future of policing. We remain committed to working with law enforcement agencies around the world to help them navigate the evolving landscape of policing and drive success,” stated Moukarzel.

Courtecuisse (who founded Sia Partners at the age of just 26 and now leads a team of 2,000+ consultants worldwide) added: “Our team had the opportunity to contribute to the event in multiple ways and share our expertise on the future of policing. We are thrilled with the impact we have been able to make.”

Dubai Police and Sia Partners

Meanwhile, at the summit, Dubai Police unveiled that it has enlarged its longstanding collaboration with Sia Partners. One of its preferred suppliers for years, the management consulting firm advises Dubai Police on areas such as roads ssafety, cybercrime, anti-narcotics, crime prevention, financial crimes and global competitiveness. “We are pleased and honoured to continue our relationship with Dubai Police,” Moukarzel concluded.

The World Police Summit 2023 was the event’s second edition. The 2024 edition takes place from 5-7 March 2024 in the Dubai World Trade Center.