Tech trends that will transform the way people work and live

12 April 2023 3 min. read

Accenture has released the latest edition of its much anticipated Technology Vision report, shedding light into the top technology trends for 2023 and beyond. At the heart of all emerging digital innovations are four core technologies.

According to the authors of the 115-page report, technology will in the coming decades play an exceptional role in solving some of the world’s most “grand challenges” including: climate change andthe environment, the energy transition, overcoming shortages of food and water, the advancement of humanity, and corporate and business development.

As technology progresses, so too will the boundaries between the digital and physical worlds, or as Accenture puts it in its report, “with technology providing the foundations of our new reality, we are increasingly living in two parallel realities – one of atoms and one of bits.”

Completing the picture

Based on a survey of close to 5,000 C-level executives and directors across 30+ countries (including theMiddle East), Accenture populated a longlist of technology trends with major – even disruptive – potential to transform the way people work and live. The researchers then bring down this list to four ‘essentials’:

The science and technology loop
This trend envisages a growing connection between science and technology, to such an extent that thetwo reinforce each other and that “each accelerates the advancement of the other.” Three quarters of executives worldwide said that this virtuous development loop could help power the world’s boldest digital-driven advancements.

Generative AI
Nearly all executives surveyed by Accenture said that artificial intelligence will re-shape the future. Now, the emergence of generative AI (best known example: ChatGPT) is “driving one of the biggest step changes” in Al history. As per the analysis, generative AI can enable people to shift from building their own Al to building with Al.

Worldwide, nine out of ten executives believe data is becoming a key competitive differentiator within organizations and across industries. As part of the evolution of data across stakeholders, Accenture’s research suggests that data ecosystems are being reshaped by radical transparency as enterprises balance the application of their troves of data with the demands of regulators and the public.

Digital identity
The ability to authenticate digital users and assets is considered the “foundation for traversing digital and physical worlds”. 85% of executives told Accenture that digital identity is now a strategic business imperative, broadly agreeing that the technology is (gradually) becoming the key to enterprises’ technology aspirations.

“The next decade will be defined by mega technology trends. Collectively, these four technologies willtransform the way people work and live in the process collapsing the distance of our digital andphysical worlds,” said Paul Daugherty, group chief executive of Accenture’s Technology division.

Accenture has been conducting annual research into the year’s top technology trends since 2000. The firm was last year recognised as the top technology consultant to executives in the Middle East.