Consulting firm BCG opens new office in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

27 October 2015 3 min. read

Continuing its major expansion strategy across the Middle-East region, the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) has announced the opening of a new office in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The new presence, which follows from the opening of offices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi in 2007, is the firm’s 80th office in the world. 

US-based management consultancy BCG has been increasingly active in the Middle East, particularly in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In recent times, the consulting firm has provided specialised services to a number of businesses in the region, including comprehensive business-transformation strategies, tailored to match the unique challenges of the market. 

The firm has also expressed their desire to have an impact beyond just the business community, hoping to make a social impact as well. To this end, the firm has initiated a number of impact programs that include support for young entrepreneurs who are looking to capitalise on the country’s expanding economy.

Consulting firm BCG opens new office in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Now, the firm has decided to consolidate this commitment to Saudi Arabia, through the opening of a new office in the country. The office has been opened in the Olaya Towers in Riyadh. A ceremony was held for the inauguration, which was attended by Hans-Paul Burkner: Chairman of the BCG group, Joerg Hildebrandt: Managing Partner at BCG Middle East, and Abdulatif Al-Othman: Governor and Chairman of the Board of Directors st the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority. 

Commenting on the new presence, Burkner said, “Saudi Arabia is currently in the midst of a major socio-economic transformation, driven by a rising non-oil growth rate, the emergence of knowledge industries, and the opening of new markets. BCG’s 82nd office opening in Riyadh further solidifies our overriding vision, which is to fully partake in and help accelerate Saudi Arabia’s economic transition,” he said.At BCG, our role is to support the Kingdom’s diversification agenda. We will also be doing our part to contribute to creating a strong, dynamic local talent base comprising of men and women. This is done by pushing our specialized local employment initiatives to hire talent from the Kingdom after which we invest in training and mentoring our local staff.” 

Meanwhile, Al-Othman welcomed BCG to the country by saying, “I am very pleased to welcome the Boston Consulting Group to Saudi Arabia. Already, BCG has worked with both the Saudi public and private sectors on over 200 projects. But the establishment of BCG’s office in Riyadh is a very positive development in the relationship, particularly as the Kingdom continues to diversify its economy.