Dubai-based Engage celebrates 10 years in business

10 August 2023 2 min. read

Founded a decade ago, Engage this year celebrates its 10th anniversary, having grown to a team of around 20 staff serving clients across the Middle East.

“I worked for a large management consultancy firm, and I would always get frustrated when it came to implementation,” recalls Brett Smyth, CEO and founder of Engage. “We had great ideas, but we didn’t have the in-house support or creative capabilities to execute them. I started Engage to plug this gap.”

The backdrop is clear. Executives spend thousands – or even millions of dollars – on consultants who create meticulously prepared PowerPoint slides. Yet all too often, the decks remain confined to a boardroom presentation, with little follow-up impact.

Dubai-based Engage celebrates 10 years in business

Meanwhile, if business strategies and roadmaps actually enter the implementation stage, they often fail to deliver their promise. According to one estimate, over two thirds of change programs are deemed a (part) failure. “Employees tasked with the implementation delivery know little or nothing about company plans or how they can help turn vision into a reality.

This is where Engage comes in, said Smyth. “As seasoned consultants, we all know the exhilaration of crafting exceptional strategies and change programmes that actually deliver.”

Operating at the nexus of communications, people consulting, and creative domains, Engage has the “know-how and skills to empower employees for success.”

“At Engage, we understand that the world’s strongest organisations are powered by their people. Our solutions are designed to unlock the true potential of employees – inspiring success from the inside out,” stated Smyth.

Over the last decade, Engage has emerged as a reliable partner for both companies and consulting firms in the region. Projects encompass a wide spectrum, ranging from innovative change communications to well-crafted journey maps as well as project branding and communication.

“Engage handles all creative elements of the project, enabling our clients to concentrate on their core strengths. From storytelling, well-crafted communications, and design to copywriting – your projects are in good hands.”

Debbie Diss, Client Account Director at Engage, said that the firm has grown into a reputable brand in the consulting space. Without disclosing consultancies on its roster, she said: “We understand the world of consulting, and understand that creativity and people should be at the heart of any consulting project. When these elements take centre stage, the outcomes are genuinely exceptional.”