Human capital consultancy ighcc rebrands as demtus

14 September 2023 1 min. read
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After operating for 16 years under its founding brand, ighcc – a shortened form for ‘Ideas Group Human Capital Consulting’ – has rebranded as Demtus.

Founded in 2007 by founder and still managing partner Camil el Khoury, demtus has since its inception grown into a leading boutique consulting firm specialised in talent development and learning services. Today, the firm operates out of bases in Beirut, Boston, Dubai, and Riyadh.

“Over the years, we’ve executed more than 7,300 projects in 20+ countries, and contributed to the career development of over 176,000 people in roughly 20 industries,” said El Khoury about the firm’s track record.

Human capital consultancy ighcc rebrands as demtus

With the launch of its new brand, El Khoury said the positioning is now better aligned to the firm’s goals and portfolio of services. “ighcc has grown from an experiential learning provider to a performance management consultancy focused on people and culture. Our expertise lies in deploying effective strategy, technology, and talent development solutions in the context of a constant and rapidly changing business environment.”

“demtus embodies our current focus and direction of the company – the brand is a portmanteau of the words Demos (people in Greek) and Cultus (culture in Latin).”

Alongside serving clients across sectors, demtus also teams up with consulting firms on large-scale transformations, commonly taking responsibility for the delivery of change and learning workstreams. “We are proud of our partnerships with several consulting firms around the Middle East and continue to complement their offerings with performance management and learning & development expertise.”

In the Saudi market, demtus operates under the Tenacity brand, which is a joint venture between the consultancy, Nesma and the Applied Innovation Institute.