NVIDIA admits Platform01 Consulting into global inception program

05 October 2023 Consultancy-me.com 2 min. read

Global technology giant NVIDIA has admitted Dubai-based Platform01 Consulting into its Inception Program.

Led out of the United States, NVIDIA’s Inception Program aims at helping promising startups develop cutting-edge technology solutions based on NVIDIA technology. The program also provides selected firms with access to an ecosystem of partners, thought leaders, and venture capitalists.

Currently valued at over $1 trillion (market cap), NVIDIA is one of the globe’s leaders in AI computing technology. “At NVIDIA, we support all stages of a startup’s life cycle. We work closely with program members to provide the best technical tools, resources, and opportunities to connect with investors,” said NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang.

NVIDIA admits Platform01 Consulting into global inception program

Founded just this year, Platform01 Consulting is a startup that specialises in strategy, finance, and technology consulting. The firm also is in the process of developing a number of solutions, mainly in the generative AI space – this is where the partnership with NVIDIA comes in.

“We are truly excited to be accepted into NVIDIA’s coveted Inception Program,” said Zia Saeed, Chief Executive Officer at Platform01 Consulting. “This partnership with NVIDIA opens up a world of possibilities for us to further enhance our technology consulting services and leverage AI to deliver even more tailored solutions for our clients.”

Suresh Sugumar, Head of Technology at Platform01 Consulting, added: “NVIDIA’s program represents a remarkable opportunity for us to push the boundaries of AI-driven consulting and solidify Platform01 Consulting’s position as a trailblazer in the region.”

According to research by Strategy&, the Middle East’s generative AI economy could reach $24 billion per year by 2030. While there also are a number of risks associated with the technology’s hypergrowth, including the fate of human jobs, Boston Consulting Group recently found that workers in the region are among the least worried of this threat.