Renoir Consulting to co-develop new sustainability program for leaders

10 October 2023 3 min. read

US-headquartered Center for Creative Leadership is teaming up with Renoir Consulting to develop a sustainability program for executives worldwide.

Established in 1970, Center for Creative Leadership is a top-ranked provider of executive education. Its portfolio of trainings and courses focuses mainly on leadership and soft skill capabilities for all leadership tiers – from middle management up to boardroom level.

The latest course to be added to the curriculum, Sustainability Transformation, aims to equip leaders with the understanding and knowledge to realise their company’s Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) objectives.

Renoir Consulting to co-develop new sustainability program for leaders

“The program will empower leaders to facilitate sustainability transformation,” explained Casper Hammer, General Manager for Middle East & Africa at Center for Creative Leadership.

The program’s outline promises to provide leaders with the “ability to create direction, alignment and commitment in support of ESG.” Leaders that complete the training will also have the knowhow to “effectively drive sustainability transformation, guide the mindset shift needed, and achieve measurable objectives by exploring best practices.”

The program’s launch could not have come at a timelier moment. According to recent research, around one third of large companies worldwide have set net zero targets, meaning that two thirds still have to do so. Meanwhile, another study by a strategy consultancy and private equity firm, found that the mid-market and small-market segment is still considerably behind in its ESG ambitions.

Across the board, companies of all sizes are struggling to bring their bold ESG plans into action, especially those in hard-to-abate sectors. Areas where companies face execution challenges include procurement, supply chain, and logistics.

Already in 2017, Bain & Company warned that sustainability transformations are (significantly) harder to achieve as compared to other types of transformations.

“Sustainability has moved from being a choice to a necessity for businesses. However, many organisations find it challenging to transition from awareness to action, resulting in missed opportunities and a failure to meet stakeholder expectations for responsible business practices,” said Imad Alfadel, Global ESG practice leader at Renoir Consulting.

Renoir Consulting is a global management consultancy and delivery partner of the Sustainability Transformation program. Notably, Renoir Consulting’s ESG practice is led out of the Middle East.

“We recognise that the journey from intent to concrete implementation requires the guidance of change-capable leadership. Through this program, we aim to equip leaders with the knowledge and principles, empowering them to drive impactful initiatives that position their organisations at the forefront of sustainability,” Alfadel said.