Systra to explore feasibility of high speed train from Saudi to Kuwait

18 October 2023 1 min. read

Saudi Arabia and Kuwait are hoping to build a high speed train connecting the Saudi capital Riyadh with Kuwait City. Engineering consulting firm Systra has been commissioned to carry out a feasibility study.

France-based transport and mobility specialist Systra has been chosen by the Saudi Railway company to complete a preliminary report on the feasibility of the train line. Systra has previously worked with the Saudi railway company last year on a separate feasibility study when Saudi Arabia was prospecting a potential train connection with Doha, the capital city of Qatar.

The consultancy services for the Kuwait Railway Project will include three phases: conducting a comprehensive study, a critical review, and updating conceptual designs. The completion of detailed engineering designs, studies, and necessary technical documents for bid submission is also included in the scope.

Systra to explore feasibility of high speed train from Saudi to Kuwait

The feasibility study is expected to cost around $10.5 million, to be paid for by the two countries, and should take around six months to complete.

The news comes as GCC countries work to build up rail connectivity between major cities in the region. Better train connectivity would foster regional integration and promote economic growth. This initiative involves strategic investments in railway infrastructure to facilitate efficient transportation and trade across Gulf countries.

It would make sense for Saudi Arabia to look towards more sustainable mobility. The country is looking to completely reinvent itself, moving away from the fossil fuel industry that has seen it become a regional super power.

previous report found that Saudi cities – along with other GCC cities including Doha and Dubai – rank relatively poorly in terms of mobility readiness.