Who's who: Line Eriksen, Associate Partner at Bain & Company

31 October 2023 Consultancy-me.com 3 min. read

In Who’s Who, ConsultancyME profiles leaders from across the management consulting industry. This edition: Line Eriksen, an associate partner at Bain & Company in Dubai and a senior in the firm’s Enterprise Technology practice.

What is Line’s background?

Line joined Bain & Company in 2022 with over 15 years of experience in technology consulting and the systems integration industry, working with companies on the design and implementation of large-scale systems and defining their technology enabled strategy.

Before Bain & Company, she held roles at other global consulting firms, and has experience working across Europe, South America and Asia.

Who's who: Line Eriksen, associate partner at Bain & Company

What strengths does Line bring to her roles?

Line possesses extensive expertise in both technology implementation and strategy design cross-industry, providing her with a distinctive vantage point for making strategies actionable for her clients. She is recognised for her approachability and empathetic leadership style she motivates her teams to consistently deliver optimal value to clients.

What type of projects does Line work on?

Line helps clients derive the most value possible from their technology and data. The firm also advises clients on how to adopt innovative digital solutions as growth enablers. Typical such challenges that Bain & Company works on include:

  • Unclear paths towards higher digital maturity where for example there is a desire to increase the omnichannel customer experience but uncertainty on what to prioritise in the roadmap
  • Ambition to become a data driven organisation but where traditionally the business has operated in siloes without any data strategy with corresponding architecture defined
  • Instances where IT is seen as a bottleneck to getting things done and where the operating model and way of working is reinforcing that view rather than helping resolve it
  • Cases where there is lack of clarity on what innovations possibilities exist and how to set this up in ways that ensure continuous innovation benefitting the business, not only products, but potential new business models or additional services

Which aspects of her job does Line find most rewarding?

Line finds many rewarding aspects of the job such as collaborating in a team environment, nurturing the growth of team members, solving complex problems and being appreciated by clients for her perspective and project outcomes.

Beyond her client work, Line is passionate about women in technology and diversity, equity & inclusion. She previously received an award for her contribution to diversity, equity & inclusion.

How does Line like to de-stress off work?

Line loves going back to Norway during the summer. Her family has a cabin by the sea where she has been spending time since she was a child. Now her husband and kids get to experience it as well, the family goes hiking go out fishing or swimming while enjoying the long summer days.