IBM Consulting and AWS bring Gen AI solutions to Middle East

27 November 2023 2 min. read

Building on a longstanding relationship, IBM Consulting and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have announced a new cohort of generative AI initiatives they will jointly pick up in the coming months.

With over 22,000 AWS certifications globally, and 17 AWS Service Delivery and 16 AWS Competency designations under its belt, IBM Consulting is one of AWS’ top partners (Premier Tier Services Partner).

The two companies have been working together for over a decade, and in October this year, they agreed a strategic partnership to invest in further expansion with an eye on the rapidly growing generative AI segment.

IBM Consulting and AWS bring Gen AI solutions to Middle East

Now, IBM Consulting and AWS have shared some of the first tangible initiatives that will roll out of the collaboration.

The first is billed as ‘Contact Center Modernization’. This offering will see the development of tool that uses generative AI to enhance the way chatbots provide live agents information in the case of a transfer of a customer.

The ‘Supply Chain Ensemble’ solution will introduce a virtual assistant that can help accelerate and augment the work of supply chain professionals as they aim to deliver on customer expectations, optimize inventories, reduce costs, streamline logistics, and assess supply chain risks.

The ‘Platform Services’ proposition give organisations tools to enhance business serviceability and availability for their applications hosted on AWS through intelligent issue resolution and observability techniques. According to IBM Consulting, generative AI will help users to improve uptime and the time to repair.

Additionally, for clients looking to modernise on AWS, IBM Consulting will integrate AWS-driven generative AI services into its proprietary so-called ‘Cloud Accelerator’ program – aimed at helping organisations accelerate their journey to the cloud.

Middle East

Developed with a global audience in mind, IBM Consulting’s regional team will be involved in bringing these solutions to the regional market.

“We remain committed to delivering cutting-edge generative AI solutions and expertise that will redefine how businesses operate in the region, and are therefore delighted to expand our collaboration with AWS in the region,” said Bill Farrell, Managing Partner at IBM Consulting for Middle East and Africa.

Yasser Hassan, Head of AWS in Middle East, North Africa and Turkey, added: “Our strengthened partnership with IBM Consulting signifies a milestone in bringing advanced AI capabilities to businesses across the Middle East. By collaborating with IBM Consulting, we are not only enhancing our offerings but also empowering clients with dedicated expertise.”