UAE consumers worried about water security and conservation

23 January 2024 2 min. read

New research shows that nearly 7 out of 10 consumers in the UAE believe that having access to safe and clean water will become an issue within the next five years.

Ecolab, a global sustainability leader specializing in water solutions and services, has unveiled the key findings from its inaugural Ecolab Watermark Study, conducted in collaboration with Morning Consult.

The study sheds light on the water-related concerns of consumers in the UAE, where a majority of respondents said that they fear for the security of their access to water in the short term. The responses indicate a growing sense of urgency among UAE consumers regarding water safety, conservation, and the need for accelerated sustainability measures.

UAE consumers worried about water security and conservation

By the year 2030, the planet is set to face a water deficit of 56% and 1.6 billion people globally will not have proper access to carefully managed drinking water, according to the World Resources Institute and the United Nations. Those issues will be felt particularly acutely in the MENA region, where around 83% of the population is at risk of water stress due to climate change.

“The way we experience the effects of climate change is through water. This has broad implications not only for business but also for the communities where we live,” said Stefan Umiastowski, Ecolab’s senior vice president and market head for India, the Middle East, and Africa.

The study notes that the private and public sectors will need to work together in order to address global water challenges effectively. Initiatives to address water issues will not only help to deliver positive sustainability, but will also have tangible business outcomes.

UAE consumers worried about water security and conservation

“As we continue our work to transform the way the world thinks about water, the results from the study should galvanize leaders to assume a larger role in protecting this precious and finite resource. The UAE government has taken a proactive stance in leading the way toward responsible water management, particularly in a region that faces unique challenges due to its limited freshwater resources.”

In tackling the issue of water conservation, most consumers believe the government should step up, followed by the private sector. However, the large part of consumers feesl that the private sector (manufacturers and businesses) lack clear plans to address the issue in a sustainable manner.