Deloitte launches KSA investment program for Qatari businesses

05 February 2024 2 min. read

With Qatari investments in Saudi Arabia on the up, Deloitte has launched a new program aimed at helping Qatari businesses channel their investments in the right direction.

In recent years, Saudi Arabia has made significant strides to open up its economy for foreign direct investments, with a growing number of those investments flowing from the hands of Qatari businesses and investors.

The two countries have a long history of close business ties, sharing similar cultural values, geographical proximity, comparable economic make-ups, and a historical relationship that stretches back to the landmark maritime agreement signed nearly two centuries ago.

Deloitte launches KSA investment program for Qatari businesses

Deloitte’s new offering, called the ‘Qatar and Saudi Arabia Business Corridor Program’, helps Qatari Investors looking to venture into the Saudi market. This includes financial investments, such as majority acquisitions, joint ventures or minority stakes, where Deloitte’s experts support with dealmaking and closing transactions, as well as market entry initiatives, where Deloitte’s experts support from business planning through to legal and operational setup.

The Business Corridor Program also supports existing Qatari-owned business in Saudi Arabia with expansion and optimisation matters. This spans all kinds of work, with Deloitte’s multi-disciplinary team bringing expertise in areas such as audit, accounting, tax, corporate finance, management consulting, and technology to the table.

“As the Kingdom welcomes foreign investments, there is an opportunity for Qatari businesses to play a vital role in the development of this key market in the region,” stated Deloitte on its new cross-border proposition. “The program is aimed at assisting Qatari businesses in understanding and navigating the complexities of the Saudi market through a comprehensive suite of resources and local experts for successful market entry and expansion.”

For leaders and entrepreneurs interested in the program, key features include an in-depth intake that will help uncover business needs and shed light on the road(s) ahead, a strategic planning session that shapes the investment agenda, and access to Deloitte’s wealth of information including thought leadership and partner opportunities within its ecosystem.