Etisalat Egypt by e& on journey from TelCo to TechCo

19 March 2024 4 min. read

Etisalat Egypt by e& (Etisalat Misr) is on a journey of innovation and transformation, with the aim to become a beacon of telecommunications excellence. Together with Detecon, leaders from the telecom operator explored how the company can transition from a TelCo to a TechCo.

“At Etisalat Misr, we are determined to leverage our strengths and assets to become more agile, innovative, and customer centric. We are eager to embrace new technologies, business models, and partnerships that will enable us to deliver value-added services and solutions across various domains,” said Amr Fathy, CTIO of Etisalat Egypt by e&.

With technology playing an integral role in building a competitive edge as well as seizing opportunities, Etisalat Egypt by e& is pivoting its business from a traditional telecom company (TelCo) to a future-proof technology company (TechCo).

Etisalat Egypt by e& on journey from TelCo to TechCo

Members that attended the two-day workshop

“Embarking on this transformation journey and becoming a leading TechCo in the region is exciting for our organisation. During the two-day workshop, Detecon helped us shed the light on what more we can do, that is to link our ambition to the global context,” explained Fathy.

Held in the pulsating heart of New Cairo, the workshop – organised by Amir Abdelazim, Country Leader of Detecon in Egypt – helped leaders at Etisalat Egypt by e& transcend boundaries in order to embrace the mantle of a true TechCo.

Falk Schröder, Managing Partner at Detecon, was one of the leaders from the consulting firm that facilitated the event.

Commenting on the workshop, he said: “The market in Egypt is getting ready for new innovations and new industries, it is therefore time to create a TechCo enabling these industries. Automation and AI will be key for success to enable speed in the delivery of new use cases. It was great to see the willingness and motivation of the e& team driving into the new era of high performing connectivity.”

“Detecon considers it a profound honour to have been part of this transformative journey, to bear witness as e& soars towards unparalleled heights of excellence. As stalwart allies in the pursuit of innovation, we stand shoulder to shoulder with e&, committed to nurturing their growth and championing their ascent,” Schröder added.

Leaders in action during the workshop (in the middle: Amr Fathy)

The backdrop

With its transformation agenda, Etisalat Egypt by e& is on a journey to stay ahead of the curve.

After decades of thriving business, traditional telecommunication operators were forced to evolve in the 2010s, mainly due to the breakdown of the two-sided market model. “Telco’s missed the chance to transition into ‘smart pipes’, largely due to regulatory constraints and the assertive business strategies of over-the-top (OTT) services,” Schröder said.

High investments in a declining traditional market meant that profits were under pressure. “While the investment in 4G and now 5G has been challenging, mobile and fixed operators alike have poured resources into acquiring expensive spectrum and expanding fibre networks amidst fierce competition in most markets. This investment has occurred alongside declining average revenue per user and challenges in monetizing data effectively.”

However, with challenges come new opportunities. “The shifting landscape is at the same time offering telco’s opportunities to seize.”

“Emerging disruptors such as 5G, artificial intelligence, industry 4.0, and the everything-as-a-service model offer avenues for telco’s to re-examine quality of service-enabled connectivity, broaden revenue streams beyond core services by engaging directly with industry verticals, and concentrate on the IT aspects of information technology & communications.”

“To capitalize on these opportunities, telecom operators must adopt a transformative approach, revamping strategies and operational models while reassessing the people-platforms-processes equation. This transformation should extend to foundational elements like simplified network architectures and agile IT frameworks.”

This is exactly what Etisalat Egypt by e& is attempting to realize. “The TelCo to TechCo metamorphosis has begun, and with e& at the helm, the future is bright and promising,” Schröder concluded.