Independent consultants scene on the rise in Middle East

02 May 2024 2 min. read
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Amidst the current unprecedented growth of the freelance sector in the Middle East, more and more consultants are offering their services as independents.

There is currently a labor shortage affecting parts of the Middle East, particularly in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, where major development is seeing these economies reach new highs. That includes huge construction projects and the rapid growth of sectors other than fossil fuels like finance, tourism, tech, and green energy.

Due to the lack of talent, freelancers are stepping in to offer specialized services in various fields – including management consultancy.

Independent consultants scene on the rise in Middle East

Most of the matching between clients and independent consultants is facilitated by matching platforms, also known as online talent-on-demand platforms. One of those platforms is Outsized, which offers independent freelancers a way to link up with large enterprise clients and consulting firms in various countries.

“With initiatives like UAE Industry 4.0 that underscore the need for specialized skills, on-demand talent is vital in driving innovation and economic competitiveness,” said Azeem Zainulbhai, co-founder and chief product officer at Outsized.

“They not only address the skills gap but also promote collaboration and knowledge exchange, enabling UAE businesses to remain agile and responsive. This conducive environment for the freelance sector in the UAE is set to expand further, offering a resilient and adaptive solution to the evolving market demands,” he added.

Indeed, the UAE, arguably the leading economy in the region for freelancers, offers independent consultants a rather attractive set of conditions from which to work. Rich in technology and innovation, the opportunities for independent professionals is growing in tandem with the rate that the local digital economy is growing.

With much of the business world continuing to move towards a model of work that is more agile and flexible, freelance professionals will likely stand to win. Many companies are already well on their way to moving away from the more traditional employment models of the past.