Tariq Alharbi on his learning curve at Saudi consultancy Awtada

25 June 2024 Consultancy-me.com 2 min. read

Professionals around the world often look to the consulting industry when building their skills in their early careers – and that is increasingly the case in Saudi Arabia’s burgeoning advisory market too. Tariq Alharbi reflects on his growth journey at Awtada, and how its inclusive environment encourages other young professionals to follow in his footsteps.

When the opportunity presented itself to join Awtada for first experience in consulting, Tariq Alharbi was keen to make the most of the opportunity – and learn from the firm’s top-table consulting experience.

Hoping to develop professionally and advance his career in a supportive and dynamic environment, Tariq soon found that the work helped him to boost his knowhow in many areas – particularly building analytical, problem solving and communication skills in strategy and policy design.

Tariq Alharbi on his learning curve at Saudi consultancy Awtada

“During my experience with Awtada, I witnessed how Awtada’s partners, along with their talented team, are driven by a deep passion for excellence and a commitment to fostering positive change within the Saudi public sector. Their dedication is reflected in their approach to consulting and the innovative solutions they bring to their clients,” he recalls.

After completing a master's degree in public administration, Awtada offered him the chance to work as a part-time associate consultant for a year. During this period, he contributed to projects across multiple segments within the public sector, including sports and culture.

“Each project was a significant milestone in my consulting journey, enriching my experience and skill set,” he notes. “The diversity of these projects allowed me to apply theoretical concepts learned in academia to real-world problems. This not only solidified my understanding of these concepts but also enhanced my ability to convey complex ideas in a more practical and understandable manner.”

Since the end of his spell with Awtada, Tariq has put the knowledge he accrued toward a new role with the Institute of Public Administration. Working as a consultation support manager, he regularly makes use of the public policy and research skills he honed with the boutique advisory firm.

Looking back on his time at Awtada, he says the experience is one he would definitely recommend to other professionals looking to boost their practical expertise.

“Awtada's dynamic and friendly culture creates a fulfilling and enjoyable work experience, making it an attractive choice for employees. Despite being a part-time employee, I always felt like an integral part of the company. The inclusive atmosphere and supportive environment foster a sense of belonging and engagement, which significantly enhances job satisfaction and overall work experience.”