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Since 1957, we have helped the region unlock growth and development, build champions in major industries, and nurture the talent of the next generation. The work of all seven of our locations—Abu Dhabi, Cairo, Doha, Dubai, Karachi, Manama, and Riyadh—is underpinned by our deep local roots, global reach, and unrivaled investment in knowledge. 

McKinsey Abu Dhabi

At the heart of a fast growing, global center, McKinsey Abu Dhabi is helping to accelerate the Emirate’s ambitious development vision.

Abu Dhabi is in the midst of rapid growth and transformation. McKinsey is proud to be working with the Emirate’s leadership and key decision-makers on critical elements of its Economic Vision 2030—shaping bold new investment strategies, accelerating the growth of key sectors such as energy and infrastructure, and strengthening education and health care. We are passionate about building capabilities and creating sustainable employment opportunities for UAE nationals.

McKinsey Cairo

McKinsey Cairo helps Egypt’s leading institutions strengthen development, build winning businesses in key sectors, and unlock its tremendous human potential.
We work with senior leaders to shape and implement improvement strategies in key sectors, like healthcare, investment and tourism, and transportation. We also help major Egyptian and multinational businesses navigate the country’s economic challenges, drive growth, and build long-term success—across key industries, including banking, telecoms, energy, and consumer goods.

McKinsey Doha

McKinsey Doha works with Qatar’s leading institutions to drive rapid growth, deliver high performance, and build capabilities.
At the center of one of the fastest growing economies globally, our office partners with the country’s leading institutions across sectors to help shape strategy, strengthen capabilities, create high-performing organisations, and build regional and global champions.

McKinsey Dubai

We partner with Dubai’s leading institutions—in both the public and private sectors—to help drive breakout growth.
McKinsey is proud to be part of the exciting growth story that is Dubai—a city that has seen its population double in a decade and is home to both the tallest skyscraper and the second busiest international airport in the world. McKinsey has grown with the city, and today we have a major office in the Dubai International Financial Centre. We work closely with many of the leading institutions driving Dubai’s growth, in the public sector and across industries such as financial services, retail, infrastructure, real estate, and family-owned business.

McKinsey Manama

McKinsey’s Manama office works with some of Bahrain’s leading institutions to shape strategies, deliver high performance, and nurture talent.

Bahrain has one of the most dynamic and diversified economies in the Middle East. McKinsey works with leading institutions in both the public and private sectors to shape growth strategies, strengthen operations and organisations, and build world-class capabilities.

McKinsey Riyadh

Our Saudi Arabia Practice helps Saudi leaders realise the Kingdom’s full potential: a vibrant middle class with the right standard of living based on a more competitive private sector and modern public sector.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has achieved tremendous growth, yet its future potential is even greater. Our work in Saudi Arabia is a source of pride and meaning for us because it is focused on helping the Kingdom unlock the potential for Saudi youth. This spans education, employment, job creation, helping Saudi enterprises become regional and global leaders and innovating the areas of Islamic banking, philanthropy, and the public sector. Underpinning all our work is a deep commitment to nurture the next generation of Saudi leaders.

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