ADXP is a smart city consulting firm focusing on empowering smarter, safer and liveable cities.

Our core mission is to enable governments to harness digitisation and innovation to deliver high-quality living, sustainability, and prosperity for its people and businesses, driven by tailored, practical strategies and robust governance frameworks that are relevant to their heritage and culture.

We deliver innovative solutions that solve not only the problems of today but also anticipate and address future challenges across various sectors. Our team consists of local senior subject matter experts, deeply familiar with the MENA region, who deliver culturally sensitive, authentic, and competitive strategies.

At our core, we understand the challenges faced by governments in the MENA region. The ever-changing landscape of citizen expectations, economic development, technology advancements, and operational complexities can be overwhelming. That’s why our Public Sector clients need trusted, credible, and innovative problem solvers to help transform their strategies, technologies, and operations with a deep, nuanced appreciation of the region in which they operate.

Our Services

Our management consulting services focus on our clients’ most critical issues and opportunities. We provide an array of strategy consulting, assurance, and innovation services to help our clients in achieving their transformation goals.

  • Strategy Consulting
    Lead the charge with visionary strategies that revolutionise industries and drive unparalleled economic growth.
  • Governance Consulting
    Increase the level of confidence and trust to realise the expected benefits and outcomes of your strategic goals.
  • Customer Experience
    Transform experiences into delightful journeys that captivate customers and differentiates offering.
  • Data Analytics
    Leverage the power of data-driven insights to enhance innovation, decision making and efficiency.
  • Experts Augmentation
    Empower your team with dedicated expertise to accelerate transformation and activate strategic functions.

Our Industries

We work with our clients across different industries and tailor solutions that address their specific needs

  • Public Sector
    Unveil the potential of municipalities and redefine urban planning and community experiences.
  • Smart Cities
    Innovate in urban evolution and foster sustainable growth and unique city experiences.
  • Public Safety and Security
    Design innovative capabilities to strengthen communities safety and emergency response.
  • Mobility and Transport
    Transform urban mobility and commuter experience to improve city livability.
  • Arts and Culture
    Enriching cultural vibrancy and shape the future of artistic expression.
  • Energy and Utilities
    Leading the way in energy efficiency and environmental initiatives.
  • Healthcare
    Establish the future of healthcare for enhanced sector accessibility and efficiency.
  • Financial Service and Retail
    Improve revenue growth and bottom line results through innovative capabilities