Caliber Consulting

Caliber Consulting is a globally recognized boutique management consulting firm and a trusted advisor in the area of business transformation.  They specialize in bridging the gap between strategy and execution and are firebrands of real change in organizations.  With 73% of strategies and business transformations failing, often times due to execution, Caliber was formed to help close this market gap that still afflicts many organizations today.

Our Expertise:

To tackle this, Caliber Consulting’s expertise lies in three integrated domains of practice that enable business transformation and strategy execution.

  • Strategy: Developing winning strategies and operationalizing them to turn ambitions into reality.
  • Organization Design: Designing fit for purpose operating models that enable the strategy and drive high performance.
  • People & Culture: Embedding the right behaviours and people practices that reinforce the strategy and make the change sustainable.

Distinguishing Caliber Consulting is its thought leadership in each of these three areas, where some of the world’s top management gurus work with them to deliver cutting edge solutions and results to their clients. 

Our Services:

Engagements with clients are represented by three key services that Caliber delivers.

  • Advisory: Advisory places emphasis on guiding our clients in the right direction and providing the plans, frameworks, and tools needed to execute the right solutions for their business
  • Implementation: Our implementation projects involve longer term engagements where full time resources are staffed to overlook, support, and implement the proposed solutions designed in our advisory and consulting work.
  • Capability Building: Caliber has one of the foremost training academies globally, that also specializes in the three domains that enable strategy execution and transformation. The Caliber Academy is the other arm to the business, focusing on capability building and has certified over 2000 people across 50+ countries in the areas of Strategy, OD, and People & Culture.

Our People:

Our consultants are agents of transformation with an obsession for achieving real tangible results. They come from diverse backgrounds and different seniority levels, but the one common thread among our people is the proven ability to deliver real results to organizations. We staff our projects with consultants that both have a breadth of experience in strategy consulting but also have depth i.e. functional and industry experts who inject their experience and expertise into the project. We are in the business of execution- putting recommendations to practice and plans to action. We are agile and ensure utmost flexibility to meet our client’s needs and tailor our solution to achieve high performance results.

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