Qantara Sports

Qantara Sports is a global sports firm with significant expertise in Sports Education, Sports Governance, Sports Facility and Recreation, Sports Policy, Sports Business, Sports Development, Sports Tech, Sports Tourism, Sports Diplomacy, and Inclusivity.

With more than 25 years of global experience, in addition to 25 years in Europe and ten years in the Middle East. We use deep industry expertise and rigorous analysis to deliver and implement successful nationwide projects and help private and public sports organizations achieve practical results with real impact.

Our Leadership

Our leadership comes from a wide variety of industries and locations, from leadership positions in big international brands such as NBA or IOC to experienced facility operators and athletes with a strong commitment to empowering local talent.

Thanks to our international experts, we have the ability to work across different backgrounds, cultures, and environments and are thoughtful of the local culture.

Our leadership team composition is an added value.

Our unique combination of experience and expertise can guide you to achieve unprecedented results in all phases of facility development and operations.

Our understanding of stakeholder relationships, cultural differences, client needs, and project objectives leads us to deliver on budget and on time with exceeding quality, rigor, and ethics.

Our Partners

We partner with National, Regional and Local Governments, International and National Federations, Private entities, Clubs, Associations, Property events, Brands, and Nonprofit Organizations, advising and supporting them to implement strategies that reach their objectives.