At Transform we believe that people are the answer to growth. This shows in the way we serve our clients, how we relate to one another as a team , and how we contribute to our community and KSA’s Vision 2030. We operate in a way that captures elements of humanizing growth, courage, and bold paths. These elements also represent our commitment to embracing innovation and modernity while staying rooted in local culture and knowledge

We are the lighthouse for humanizing growth.

Become the pinnacle of organizational transformation, capable of nurturing businesses into high-performing entities — all done with love.

Our Promise
We enable organizations to thrive and reach high performance by partnering with clients on a continuous journey of transformative change, led with compassion for greater societal impact.

As a Certified B Corporation, we are proud to be among the leading companies in the global movement towards an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy, having demonstrated high social and environmental performance.

What - The problems we solve

  • How to adopt or change and implement cultural transformation amid rapid market shifts in a constantly changing environment to drive sustainable growth and deliver mandates on time?
  • How to become more customer-centric and leverage continuous or disruptive innovation and technology to make an even bigger impact
  • In an environment where resources are plentiful, support is readily available, and technology is advanced and accessible, what remains to be addressed to achieve outstanding, sustainable business outcomes and excellence?

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How - Solutions

1. ONA (Organizational Network Analysis)
ONA (Organizational Network Analysis) is a is a mix of management consulting emboldened by next-generation technology. It is used for organizational analysis and is driven by living system theory. Like Google Earth view, but for organizations, it provides a live snapshot of the entire organizational network and connections within.

  • Transform ONA captures the organization as if it were a living organism and provides real-time data for:
  • Measuring organizational health & efficiency
  • Zooming in on departments, teams, and individuals
  • Zooming out on customers, partners, and suppliers
  • Identifying the hidden influencers
  • Discovering high-potential leaders
  • Sensing gatekeepers & bottlenecks
  • Showcasing hidden talents

Use our solutions to support M&A, Scale-up, Organizational Change, Restructuring, and Digital Transformation

2. Oraganisational Culture Change
We understand the complexities involved in creating culture. Whether crafted, nurtured or self-developed, culture is what defines an organization. Culture in the organization is influenced by its vision and leadership and is a product of the values & behaviors of your employees. At Transform, we

  • study your organizational culture to identify areas where you can drive change through rigorous analysis and behavioral science to achieve your desired outcomes
  • intervene to nudge new cultures, shift mindsets and transform behaviors, placing people at the center of the journey because people need to become the change for true transformation to happen.

Use this solution to achieve excellence in the ever-changing environment, improve efficiency and performance under pressure, and ensure that you continue adopting to providing value to your constituencies 

3. Innovation Strategy
Craft your next generation innovation strategy with us to achieve long-term success in this ever-changing world. By partnering with us, innovative thinking becomes an integral part of your organization, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve. We provide the tools and insights necessary for you to harness the power of innovation, transforming challenges into opportunities for growth. Let us guide you in embedding innovation at the core of your operations, paving the way for a future where your organization not only adapts but thrives.

Use this solution to transform your venture into a truly purpose-guided business of the future.

4. Leadership for complexity
Leadership for Complexity understands that complex challenges require leaders who are not only able to adapt to change but also predict emerging challenges. It is not enough for a leader to have the skills, knowledge, and expertise; they must be capable of taking proactive actions that push the boundaries of their organization. We co-create with our clients to deliver custom-designed solutions that include leadership development workshops, executive coaching, and many more specialized programs that create a purpose-driven, scalable culture of leadership. We also build internal expertise by providing management training programs and mentoring sessions that build diverse & competent leaders for today’s fast-changing world.

Use this solution, when most or all the resources are available, yet you need to elevate your business to the next level.

5. Systemic Coaching
When it comes to teamwork and effective performance in an organizational context, we are mindful of the complexities involved. To help navigate your road map the right way, a strong and supportive leadership style constantly striving to self-develop is a vital component. Transform thrives on learning opportunities and coaching programs for leaders who disrupt cultures where compassion and vulnerability are dismissed as a weakness. When leaders have fresh eyes for a greater sense of acumen and humility, things start to shift within. Surely, the future of your business is then more likely to bloom, seeing its people reconnected to their purpose.

Use this solution when you realize that growth, when humanized is much faster and rewarding

Who? The team

Led by the co-founders, transform is to “Humanize Growth”

Marwan Aljahani
Ex- McKinsey & Company Affiliate, facilitator and Executive Coach, CEO @ Transform | Meaning architect, Organization Transformation and Strategic Leadership

Annette Bak Kirby MSc PCC
Ex-McKinsey & Aberkyn Senior Leader | Top Team & Board Effectiveness | Culture and Performance Transformation | Leadership Effectiveness

We are a diverse team of highly skilled people, which has allowed us to gain a lot of experience in an incredibly short amount of time. We serve our clients with integrity and are dedicated to giving our best efforts to help them achieve long-term growth.

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What differentiates us?

  • Transformation helps deliver visionary projects at pace. Large-scale projects require implementation resources and expertise. This is what we possess.
  • TRANSFORM has the mindset, capabilities, and experience to lead transformative change at the boardroom and corporate level to success.
  • We are “Humanizing Growth”. In this unique approach, our hearts and love set us apart.

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Satisfied clients

  • Ministry of Sport
  • Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property
  • Capital Market Authority
  • Cruise Saudi,
  • Ministry of Finance

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